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Drone shatters passenger jet’s nosecone (photos)

A drone has collided with a passenger airplane in Mexico, mauling its nosecone and radome as the jet was attempting to land in Tijuana, Mexico. The crew had to request assistance to land the crippled aircraft. An Aeromexico Boeing 737-800 collided with the remote-controlled craft while approaching the airport for landing on Wednesday, according to reports on social media which were later confirmed by the airline. ( More...

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joel wiley 10
May not be drone impact. One possibility is clogged vents and pressure differential.
Another comment was that a drone would have penetrated the fiberglass and no parts found.

"Mexican media are speculating about a drone impact having caused the damage."
Cansojr 3
Very wise assessment Joel!
patrick baker 6
gotta have some broken drone parts on the ground underneath the flightpath to even begin to make a case of drone kamakazi..... get some of those and let the speculation begin......otherwise,,,,,
sparkie624 1
Maybe NASA can do some real in flight testing to see really what will happen and solve the controversy once and for all.
David Loh 8
What Controversy? That we shouldn't stop drones hitting aircraft till we see the first crash? Maybe then we should still wait for 2nd...3rd...nth crash before stopping all this drone nonsense.
crk112 1
A Sellitto 5
Look at the comments on the website that the link takes you to. All 9/11 deniers! Makes you wonder about the website’s reporting....
Just have to wonder why we're getting this news from RT instead of a more reliable publication...
Cesar Velez 2
Flight path goes over the international border on approach for that runway, locally CBP confirmed it was one of their surveilance drones.
David Bristol 2
Link? If so, that's incredibly irresponsible on the part of CBP. Their situational awareness had to be nil.
Stefan Sobol 2
So far no actual evidence that there was a collision with a drone or anything else for that matter. A Google search will find reports of other radomes that experience similar failures that have nothing to do with anything hitting them.
Gary Eldridge 2
AGAIN - More hype by the media. There is absolutely no evidence of this damage being caused by a drone. BUT - they just report a crazy assumption as fact anyway. If they say it enough times and get others to start saying it then the public will begin to believe it, even though it's not true. This has got to stop.
joel wiley 2
Hey, why not? It worked for Joseph Gobbels, who picked it up from Woodrow Wilson.
Here is a different source for this inicident to Forbes, inside it, there is also a link to twitter photos showing damage. Not a minor issue due it was in the San Diego - Tijuana airspace. Judge by yourselves.
joel wiley 1
Per Google Translate:
An Aeromexico plane crashed into a drone as it approached its destination in Tijuana. Grupo Aeromexico is investigating whether the drone crashed into a Boeing Co. 737 aircraft, according to Bloomberg.

"The exact cause is still being investigated. The plane landed normally and the safety of the passengers was never compromised, "Aeromexico said in a statement.

In a cockpit recording, crew members can be heard saying they heard a "loud bang" and asking the control tower to check if the nose is damaged. The collision occurred shortly before la
Ha ha ha. You're right. Regards.

sparkie624 1
If it had hit any other part of the plane there would not have been reportable damage....
Bill Sampson 1
Not to have other conclusive evidence (organic matter,) other than something appears to have collided with the aircraft, would not the a/c data /voice recorder rule out clogged vents or pressure issues. Just asking...
paul gilpin 1
just to be pedantic, nose cone is two words if you are talking about the leading point of an aircraft.
nosecone looks like an italian flavor of ice cream or one of the five families in new york city.
Jim Myers 0
No proof whatsoever, but let's blame a drone! Drones will be the cause of all aircraft incidents from now on I guess. Lost cabin pressure at FL350? It was the drone! Pilot passed out from lack of sleep? It was the drone!
joel wiley 1
Drunken pilot - bartending drone
Mike Williams 0
Was it was a taco or burrito? If it was not can of the XX beer it did not win the 3rd X.


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