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I flew on the longest flight in the world, which lasts nearly 18 hours and covers 10,000 miles. Here's what it's like.

Singapore Airlines relaunched the longest flight in the world, between Newark Liberty International Airport just outside New York City and Changi Airport in Singapore. The flight covers 10,000 miles and can take more than 18 hours. ( Altro...

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I dont even like the 11 hours from JoBurg to London.
just realised this was a YEAR ago
737man 1
Newarks airport code also isn't NWK
Point taken although space travel isn’t a fair comparison, LOL. The respective comfort levels between a modern passenger jet and ‘ Fatalbert ‘ are so different believe me !
Your reference to’ the longest flight ‘ is misleading. During the Falkland conflict I and my crew flew in a C 130 Hercules ( with one air to air refuel ) for 25 hours and 20 minutes from Ascension Island to overhead Port Stanley and back.
In the olden days we flew from DaNang to San Antonio in 29 hrs, with three air to air refuels.
Perhaps, in a spirit of compromise, one should insert the word "passenger service", to read "the longest passenger service flight".

Otherwise Buzz Aldrin will be getting in on the act!

But, thinking back to when I started flying - what a fantastic achievement for airframe, engine efficiency and sheer ball-aching human endurance!
An interesting fact about this route is that both the outward (SQ21) and inward (SQ22) legs are flown in a westerly direction only.
Mike Monk 2
It's the other way round Colin;
SQ22 is the outbound flight flying the Pacific route and the return flight SQ21 departs over the Atlantic and on over and Asia Europe.
Mike Monk 1
that should read, …over the Atlantic and on over Europe and Asia.
The author claims SQ22, (NWK-SIN) flight route flew over the North Pole. According to Flight Tracker, SQ22 doesn't go near the geographic North Pole, nor the North Magnetic Pole, nor even the Alaskan town of North Pole.
I think that the author was correct. The flight track for SQ21 departing Oct 12: ( shows that they did take a polar route.


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