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Video: World's largest cargo aircraft to land Oakland, California

Oakland - The An-225, the largest aircraft in the world, made one of its longest flights ever on September 9th, from Kiev, Ukraine to Oakland, California. After 6,100 miles and 13 hours flight, the monster transporter appeared over the bay area giving a spectacular scenery while approaching the Oakland International Airport in the late afternoon on September 9th. ( Altro...

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They are also using AN-124. As of 1040 Central time on 9/11 here is flight tracking


Thx for the links bro..
Watched this bad boy roll out and climb at ONT back in 06. Took all of 26R to get airborne but it was a smoking thing of beauty. About 50 aircraft aficionados had set up tripods and cameras just west of Haven avenue to film the event.
john krull 2
now that there is FLYING!!!
I didn't know an aircraft, no matter how big, could land the whole city of Oakland... LOL
Alan Perry 1
Oh man, wish I’d known that was happening! I’d have driven down to watch that!
Down elevator flying and flaring using neutral elevator . . .
bpanther 0
I didn't know an aircraft, no matter how big, could land the whole city of Oakland... LOL
Now that there is FUNNY!


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