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Department of Energy replacing atmospheric research aircraft

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program is in the process of replacing its existing aircraft, and will be purchasing a replacement, used aircraft for atmospheric research. ( Altro...

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flypilot12 0
That list of aircraft...why would they need such a big plane and the make it go so slow? Why not go for something like a B1900 or Metroliner III? Seems like a HUGE waste of money to buy a plane that big then gut it. If you only need 7 seats max why buy something with so many seats? And don't say because they need the space. They are planning on ripping out most of the insides anyway.
linbb 0
Because DA they have equipment inside that will weigh quite a bit to start with airspeed well forget going on as you know nothing about aircraft and what it takes to do a mission either. Go back to your computer games or if you are at work do what you are paid for.
flypilot12 1
I did not see this post. I'm an A&P and part 147 instructor so yeah, I know a little about aircraft.


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