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VIDEO: Unbelievable Boeing 747-400 Very Early Rotation

Have a look at this stunning Take-off. There was a very strong head-wind and the plane was almost empty. This was reason why the pilot was able to leave the runway after a few meters. Quite impressive though!! The flight distance was just 120 miles (Düsseldorf - Frankfurt) ( Altro...

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flypilot12 4
This is pretty normal, and the video is 6 years old. That is a cargo version most likely with nothing in it. The 747 has a LOT of power, and when empty it will almost leap off the runway. Not to mention there are no pax on it so there is no reason to be gentle with the take off.
bentwing60 2
Not to mention any pilot worth his or her salt will take advantage of a rare opp. like that for the fun of it!
The video and this post says they had no payload and a strong headwind. It's still impressive to watch.
Big deal! The guy probably had a load of ping pong balls!
Two thirds of this video is taxi to runway threshold.
“a few meters”? Someone needs to get his/her eyes checked.
linbb 1
All they are doing is making use of lack of weight and using the same amount of power keeping it with the speed envelope nothing more done.
ADXbear 1
Still.pretty cool to see 600k leap off the ground.. even if empty.


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