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Serial stowaway evades all security, boards and flies O'Hare/Chicago-Heathrow/London

It's at least the third time she made it past security and flew. She's been arrested at least eight other times four states after getting past security and successfully boarding; in those cases, she was discovered and removed before departure. ( Altro...

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Remember the movie Airport? Ada Quonset, little old lady, habitual stowaway just for the thrill? Out of Chicago Ohare for gods sake. Played by Helen Hayes she even looks like this lady. That was supposed to be a far fetched plot device back then in the 70s. Before all this additional security and TSA. SHEESH.
travelczar 5
How did she get past TSA? They want a boarding pass before entering the secure area. Geez...
btweston 8
Sheer incompetence. Good thing they busted my onions over a tin of shave soap two weeks ago. The TSA charade would be much more bearable if it wasn’t such an incredible waste of everyone’s time. For now it is Al Qaeda’s 9/11 trophy.
"such an incredible waste of everyone’s time. " And taxpayer money. And travelers' time is, of course, also money.
cant really blame her for trying to get out of Chicago
Tony Long 1
Although this is not in the kind, warm-hearted spirit of the Flightaware community, it did make me guffaw loudly. Thumbs-up!
more O'Hare airport, than the City of Chicago! Go Bears!
She's homeless. Maybe there's a win-win here, since TSA could clearly use some help pointing out their security holes.
joel wiley 3
" When she couldn't produce a passport Monday at Heathrow Airport, officials sent her back to O'Hare, where she was taken into custody Thursday"

Does that imply she would have cleared customs had she brought her passport? That is assuming the US court did not pull it on her last conviction.
Arturo Yee 1
So - what is going on with the TSA at Chicago? Or the clerks at the airline - were they distracted by other passengers? What a MESS!
TSA in Chicago at MDW has been really effective at creating hours-long delays, sometimes resulting in lines extending outside the terminal and causing hundreds to miss their flights.
She tried to do it again. One week after the judge banned her from the O'Hare, she showed up again today.
Wrong link
here is the correct link to the story of the stowaway showing up again at O'Hare
she need to spend some time in the rubber room!
Well that is a proof of the TSA theater theory...(All those security measures are just there for us to feel save, they actually does nothing)
Hah, my fiancé was bringing a small jar of rutabaga chutney (!!!) for her mom, from the famed Rutabaga Festival in Askov, Minnesota ( to Baltimore...and it set off the bomb detectors. I was very glad they took it from her.
Maybe Cook County could find her a home in the gray bar hotel?
She should be in charge of the TSA!! TSA stands for, Thousands Standing Around!!


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