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TSA: TV Crew Tried To Get Through Newark Airport Security Checkpoint With Fake Bomb

NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — At least seven people who said they worked for a TV crew were arrested at Newark Liberty International Airport Thursday, after they allegedly tried to film themselves going through a security checkpoint with a fake explosive device. The Transportation Security Administration said Port Authority police arrested the group after officers detected a suspicious item in a carry-on bag. ( More...

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Gary Harper 38
This is not a game. They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the laws.
Agreed, the excuse I was just testing security is not acceptable. You know who else tests security, legit threats. Would this TV crew pull a fire alarm to see how people react? or bring a fake AK to a concert to 'test security'? I would hope not but seems like they might.
Tim Marks 15
The news media is not a 'testing service' for any federal mandates or agencies, yet they believe it is their God given right to check up anyone and anything of their choosing. Yes, this media crew should be made an example of and prosecuted as a terrorist attempt, so other 'fact checkers' don't do the same thing.
Cansojr 1
I agree with you 100%. Just put these "jugheads" all on the NO FLY LIST. Then these dweebs might understand how very serious this nonsense will never be tolerated. The News Agency associated with these monkeys should be fined heavily and jail time for the head ape reporting this idiotic stunt.
btweston 1
Wasn’t a news show.
Don Platt 14
not very smart TV crew!
shrudini 0
They should've just hired the lady in Chicago who made it to Heathrow.
canuck44 13
These prestitutes were tying to show how porous the TSA is in an effort to manufacture a "news" story. Give them all a couple of years to think about it and if they work for a TV station, suspend its license.
paul trubits 8
TSA has their own people to test security. They might not have been arrested if they had talked to TSA first about their stunt.
I was going to say that. If they wanted to do a story, they should have tried to clear it under TSA upper management and LEO. Although I doubt they would want to expose any security holes that were found during the news investigation.
Device explained. It supposedly was an invention to save space in the luggage. Despite the dubious purpose of creating more space in the carry-on (by adding a vacuum pump to the luggage?), it fails the TSA test.
Max Perry 10
Idiots !!!
Edward Dexter 4
I'm glad the TSA folks were paying attention. Hah, as I just put up on the post about the old lady hitchhiker, my fiancée was coming back from Minneapolis with a small jar of rutabaga chutney from the famed Askov Rutabaga Festival (, and it set off the bomb detectors. They let her go when she surrendered the chutney, for which I give thanks - both that they let her go, and that I didn't have to try rutabaga chutney.
WhiteKnight77 5
I have stated for years now that it is the reporters job to report the news, not make it. This is no different than a reporter reporting on a flood and standing hip deep in floodwater to report on it or weatherpersons reporting on hurricanes and standing out in the driving rain. This news crew are a bunch of idiots for sure and they should face the full extent of the law due to this.
John Wyer 5
Our airport security is being tested regularly by those that want to do us harm. They may stand and observe procedures, try as these idiots did to thwart security, or incite a third party with promises of money. That these idiots were caught is a testament to TSA. It is a dangerous game the tv crew played. They must be punished and not by merely a slap on the hand.
Jesse Carroll 2
Ha Ha...lock them up! I recently had 4 rolls of USA quarters in my backpack and also had my phone battery charger in same place, pocket!
Ding Ding Ding the alarm goes off and a nice young man checked it out!. He showed me what it looked like on the screen and WOW, stupid me didn't have a clue but it looked just like 2 sticks of dynamite with wires!
Good for them and I learn an innocent lesson!
Bolivar Marin 2
Those people should be prosecuted.
Wanda Moss 2
wow..and they wonder why
Cuff 'em and stuff 'em! Also arrest all management and executives who knew about and approved of this.
EMK69 3
BREAKING NEWS: It didn't work
Well, at least they got caught... made a fool out of themselves.
jcsjcs 3
Since when are cables and "part of a vacuum cleaner" forbidden on board of an airport?
jcsjcs 1
I wanted to write... on board of an aircraft. Or "inside an airport".
John Wyer 5
Cables and parts of a vacuum cleaner arranged to look like a bomb are considered a replica explosive device much as toy grenades, replica firearms, etc. While not dangerous in and of themselves, brandishing them at 35,000 feet in a pressurized tube could cause all sorts of panic and mayhem. That these idiots deliberately tried to get their replica through security is very much against the law.
jcsjcs 5

"It said the item inside the roller bag included a motor, wires and PVC pipes, "which are all indicators of an improvised explosive device such as a pipe bomb."

There's a picture of the "device" as well. To me it looks more like a vacuum cleaner than an improvised bomb. I mean, since when does a motor with power cord and PVC tubes, about 1.5" in diameter, look like a bomb to anyone? They said, this new device, intended to make more room in your luggage by compressing your clothes, was supposed to be presented in the reality show.

I think TSA was mostly upset about part of the crew filming the entire encounter. To me it seems clear they were overreacting.

guitarman339 3
who the hell do these idiots think they are?? quality control??
Mystery shopping :)
Charge them all. That should be aired on CNBC. Should help the credibility of the story wouldn’t you say. CNBC won’t air it as it was successfully thwarted. They would air it in 2 minutes had they succeeded. About time a positive secure theme is published. The cost of airport security is not up for storytelling.
Joseph Cooney 2
Whoop-de-do. TSA works.
It needs to be tested. When we went to the White House awhile back, we expected for us to strip down. When I went to take off my shoes, was told NO, when to take off my Jacket, again was told No don't remove anything except putting your purse and cell phone on the X-ray machine. When we got through I asked the White House Police why I didn't have to remove shoes, jacket, etc, I expected we would have to strip but didn't, so why do we have to revoke jackets, sweaters, shoes, etc at the airports? He stated to us "It's all a smoke screen". Which we already had expected that. So if you think our Airports are safe think again! Cindy
Andre Perez 2
Anything for a story! 😠
I presume TSA regularly performs precisely such tests, which are for obvious reasons NOT publicized. This is analogous to pointing a plastic gun at an officer. Aside from an achingly amateur 'stunt' this idea shows an astounding disrespect for those with whom we entrust out safety by distracting them. When traveling I personally thank each TSA agent, our lives are in their hands.
Shenghao Han 2
How much did they get paid to do this?
Ken Mitchell 1
What?!? The TSA actually DETECTED something? Some other TV station must have tipped them off.....
Edw Sanderson 1
Another smart a--, Can you tellme, the last time, and airliner leaving a US airport was taken over,
or destroyed ? Millions of Pax boarded weekly,They do a difficult job, not perfect , like his writer.
Bill Sampson 1
These unprofessional professionals got caught caring a bomb on a plane; treat them as such and send them all to prison. This ranks right up there with screaming fire in a move theater just to see if the exits are clear. Or as our President says "Fake News".
Peter McGrath 0
If they sent them to prison as "terrorists" then they could do a story on "The life of a terrorist in prison." I'm sure that would be newsworthy.
Bernie20910 1
Unfortunately, we all know that because they are members of "the media" they'll all receive slaps on the wrist and admonishments not to do it again. Meanwhile, Joe Schmoo who overlooked the Swiss Army knife under a seam in his backpack from his last hiking trip will be banned from ever flying again and get a large fine or jail time.
John Kraft 0
I wish I had a dime for every cork screw I've had taken from my carry on. Crap
Tom Mellett 1
jagerardi 1
As someone that grew up on SI, I'm embarrassed that these bracioles use the name of my hometown.

I hope they're not given ANY consideration, and if found guilty, are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

djames225 1
You know what the irony of this is?..These idiots get caught, charged and chastised (as they should be) and yet an older woman, "US's Serial Stowaway", has managed to sneak onto flights not once but 3x successfully, the latest an ORD-LHR flight on January 15th. This Newark incident happened 3 days later..."Hey don't think the TSA would have stepped up security a bit more after a 66 yr old passed by them, again?"..obviously this "news crew" didn't get that memo.
WhiteKnight77 1
You would think that the airlines would have 2 people at the gate, one to scan the boarding pass and another to ensure no one gets to the jetway without getting scanned. Once at the plane door, the FAs should be checking passes again. We know that someone does a headcount before the door is shut, but lavatories should be checked to ensure that no one is in them. It isn't rocket science to prevent stowaways, at least in the cabin.
djames225 1
True..but the point I am making did she get past TSA security checkpoints without a boarding pass or ticket?
WhiteKnight77 1
The even bigger question is why is not facial recognition software being used at all airports to find people who might be a problem such as this woman and catch her before she even gets to the security checkpoint? No one in public has any expectation of privacy except on their own electronic devices.
Bernie20910 0
Facial recognition software isn't perfected enough yet for that purpose.
linbb -6
Not really a surprise as they are running out of news since employment is down, stock market up and all indicators say times are better than it has been for many years. They try to squeeze anything that they can out of Trump or his wife that ends up with a big zero in content.
btweston 9
Wrong thread, mac.
djames225 2
If he thinks the times are better than it has been in many years, not just wrong thread.
djames225 3
Me thinks I should not have said apoligies.
nelson eskey -4
How stupid or arrogant can you get? They should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, as should the crew filming them and as should anyone knowing about their plans. It should all be aired on Fox News so we could get an Honest report of the event. As a retired pilot I can appreciate how serious this is.
D Edwards -2
Faux News, ha, ha, ha, ha.


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