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PICTURES: Qatar Airways' Airbus A350-1000 Flies Formation Photo-Shoot With A350-900

As Qatar Airways prepares to be the first airline to take delivery of the Airbus A350-1000, it has flown the aircraft on a photo-shoot flight from Toulouse with its latest A350-900. ( Altro...

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40 seats extra are a lot of seats, all else considered. Is this what is delaying SW's announcement decision on doing a BWI-London and/or BWI-Orly run? The Boeing 737 stretch jets can do it, without having to refuel at Keflavik. SW is denying itself substantial revenue by doing so, and budget minded travelers are also the losers, as long as WOW continues to play the games of add-ons which laughingly or cryingly jack up WOW's total flying cost to astronomical, uncomical, fares which are usually above Iceland Airways' fares. Also wow gets its passengers on an exorbitant return fare, so that anyway you can slice a deal with WOW it turns out in finality a very high fare even though it's touted erroneously as a fare for the budget traveler. Truth in advertising escapes them, and it's time for FAA to put the brakes on their "come-on" advertising schemes.
Airbus is King in today's Commercial aviation. Boeing and Bombardier are struggling against this "king of the Air"..Period.
joel wiley 3
Do you happen to understand the difference between opinion and fact?
Re: Le Roi Airbus, remember what became of the last French King.
So, how much do they pay you for this sort of pointless trolling?
ajc5453 -6
The phrase I am not going if it is not on a Boeing still says it all for me. As for Airbus they do not call them buses for no reason.
Matt West 4
Then don't plan on flying with:

Jet Blue

And that's just here in the US (leaving you Southwest and Alaska).

Honestly, I fly with whichever airline has the best options. The 777-300 is beautiful and I'll fly it given a choice. But, I'll take and A321 over 737-900 any day. It's all about comfort.


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