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'Miracle on Hudson' pilot against privatizing air traffic control

Who are you going to trust when it comes to what's best for the flying public? Members of Congress or the hero of the Miracle on the Hudson, retired Capt. Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger? ( Altro...

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Got a recommendation for Sully's next soapbox presentation -- how about leveling his "reputation" against the FAA for all their hour reductions for obtaining pilot certificates? We have 141 schools sending PPL's for checkrides when the student has never flown without a CFI in the plane! We've reduced the cross country time to a ridiculous number and have CFI's getting their instructor ticket when they can't even explain (or demonstrate) a maneuver. What's wrong with GA, the future pilot pool for the regionals, the FAA -- that's who.

Been flying since '82 and the level of proficiency in the skies in GA is sickening. Instrument instructors who have NEVER flown in actual IMC seem to be the norm. How can they instruct an instrument student? Regionals are having trouble hiring new pilots that can fly instruments. GA is indeed in trouble and you can blame the FAA and the "employed DPE's" who sign these people off. I know there are good ones out there but several of the ones I'm familiar with should have their DPE card pulled. I'll get off my soapbox now. Bedtime.
Its All about money someone is geating a nice backhander out of this safety takes a back set when it comes to profit once privatised their will be job loses costs profit will be the main priority
I see a repeat here of when the post office was changed into the postal service, into a "profit making operation".. The post office served well for many years as a delivery service that may or may not have turned a profit, but did give good service to the country. Now we look at an agency that has no component of profit potential being readied for gender reassignment surgery that would make everything all better. For who's benefit is the question I have here.

Mike Mundy, you are so very wrong. The controller's employer is hugely responsible for the safety of flights. They are responsible for selecting, training and taking care of controllers, but so much more, eg the ATC procedures, airspace design, flight data processing, radar data processing, ATC computer support, work conditions, healthy rostering, etc etc. The controller has his/her individual responsibility, and is an extremely significant cog in the system, but needs safe employers.
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Surely it is the individual air traffic controller who safeguards flights , not his employer.


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