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Aircraft debris found on island

Aircraft incident investigators will be dispatched to retrieve and secure debris discovered on Farquhar, the Seychelles Civil Aviation Authority (SCAA) said on Thursday. ( Altro...

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From the search:
Interesting find, and one bound to lead to all kinds of wild speculation. I'll be very interested in hearing/reading the final determination as to what the debris came from.
Don Lynch 2
As will I Bernie. I have to admit I allowed myself to think of a few very negative and destructive thoughts as to that flights whereabouts.

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PaulN2719 2 earlier article from the same source says it is NOT from MH 370...
djames225 4 mean a later article....Raymond's is from July 13th/17 and yours from July 19/17
If it is from MH370, that's considerably north and west of the Aussie search area. Around same area as Reunion Island where other debris was found.
Tom Royle 2
The Oceanographers predicted that floating debris would wash up in that area from a crash to the South West


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