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Russian Video Of Captured U.S. F-5 Tiger Jet Dogfighting Against MiG-21

Russia Operated Captured U.S. Aircraft for “OPFOR” Evaluation. As we have reported previously, it is no secret the U.S. has made and still make use of captured or otherwise acquired Russian aircraft for test, evaluation and training purposes including the development of U.S. radars, countermeasures and early warning systems (earlier this year we published some really rare images of a Russian Su-27 Flanker dogfighting with a U.S. F-16 inside Area 51…) ( Altro...

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honza nl 3
When I was in Russia for the 1st time (autumn 1993), while standing near a Moscow road, to my surprise suddenly I noticed a trailer with the hull of a CH-47 Chinook passing....
"Didn't you know? Russia inwented the Chinookski!" - Pavel Chekov
It is remarkable that Russia Today (the site that produced and hosts the video) is freely admitting that the F-5 was the better aircraft. In the not too distant past that would have been unthinkable, and even today that's not a given.
bentwing60 6
The reality is that the F5 variants were still in the hunt when GD and the F16 won the contract for the next light US fighter. It was always a good airplane but a little too light for the ground support role envisioned for the next generation aircraft. The F16 has proven to be a very capable winner of that era. Too bad we can't say the same for it's Lockheed cousin and the current era POS!

As an F-5 B & E mechanic from 75 to 79 it was a true pleasure and quite simple to work on. We always referred to it as a sneaky mosquito. We gave the F-15c a good run.
bentwing60 2
I'd vote for you again, John, if I could. Thanks for your dedication and service. I flew a lot of Lear 20, somethings, all but a 28/29, and to include a 23. CJ610's had some smash in the seat qualities, but I would have loved to have had the AB's of a J85. VMO/MMO might have been a problem though, so I guess what I am sayin is, I'd love to have flown one. They wouldn't take me. I flew the derivative CF700 in early Falcon 20's and we called them the speed break at altitude. I'm an A&P also and I love simple. It doesn't exist anymore. Ever notice how all those beautiful air to air shots of the airliners have a Lear tip tank in the off shots. I think they still use some F5's at Red Flag. At any rate, it's hard to keep a good plane down.


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