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American Citizens: U.S. Border Agents Can Search Your Cellphone

When Buffalo, New York couple Akram Shibly and Kelly McCormick returned to the U.S. from a trip to Toronto on Jan. 1, 2017, U.S. Customs & Border Protection officers held them for two hours, took their cellphones and demanded their passwords. ( Altro...

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Bernie20910 15
Looks like I'm going to need a disposable phone for travel. Either that or CBP is going to see all of the hundreds of photos on my phone of our four cats!
sparkie624 6
LOL... For me they are going to get a LOT of cat pictures... and a lot other nothing stuff... I must admit.. She is a beautiful cat... They may enjoy going through my pictures.
Ditto with the 4 cats!! 😁
lynx318 2
They can gladly read all the spam emails I get on my old clunker of a phone with no auto spam deletion, maybe they can find a good Viagra supplier to boost their size from teeny weiners.
Can't search a bag phone
sparkie624 2
LOL.. I hear ya.... But they could still search them.. Most are so big you could store a pound of drugs in them easily!
scott8733 14
"The course of history shows that as a government grows, liberty decreases".

-President Ford
joel wiley 1
I thought it was Joe Biden, at least once
I read the article and I can understand the need for searching a cell phone though I still have reservations about the searches. The article stated, 'one man held his legs, another squeezed his throat from behind. A third reached into his pocket, pulling out his phone' The guy's face turned red from the chokehold, on other words, he was assaulted. He may have been resisting the search request since it have been done on a different trip, but the way he was handled was wrong, in my opinion.

Many of the domestic attacks we have had in the name of radical Islam have been from native born individuals or from people that grew up in the U.S. So, those who are citizens or have been living here for most of their life still have the potential for terrorist acts. I do think a certain number of precautions may be necessary, such as searching a phone, but it should be handled professionally and legally. If someone resists, they can be escorted to comfortable holding quarters while a warrant is obtained from a judge or legal official on call for such a warrant. The individual in question should be treated with respect and in a professional manner, not man-handled the way the man in the story was. I think the whole search program should be addressed and some things possible changed. If someone does pull out a gun instead of his or her phone, well then, man-handle them or even shoot them.
Pat Reed 3
Solution: cheap disposable phone for over seas travel. Let them have it and go on. Give's them something to play and if confiscated or stolen. No loss.
744pnf 6
All races are brothers and sisters.

If we are related to each other, then it is important to love
one another as brother and sister, aunt and uncle, Fathers
and Mothers, Grandfathers and Grandmothers.
We need to care for each other and especially respect each other.
We need to honor one another’s differences whether that
difference is the color of our skin or our opinions.

We should respect differences.
Mike Petro 2
Who actually believes a terrorist will be carrying a smartphone with them when they try to enter the USA that can identify them as a terrorist? This is just exploitation of the ability to harass US citizens that belong to a class that Big Brother doesn't like.
this is so stupid, its retarded , sorry if i offended someone, which terrorist ,( i hope thats what they are looking for), has compromising info in his phone, the stupidity from the TSA and the Border patrol is unbridled
Can you see a black helicopter hovering over your home ? that's me! We need to talk!
I keep a spare phone the old flip that is clean? No porn for them to get off on!
sparkie624 -3
So is what you are telling us is that you have a normal phone with Porn on it... Shame for Shame... I doubt that is what they are looking for.... However, if you have a phone contact to Alah Akbar then they may have a slight interest! :)
lynx318 1
Put a picture of yourself in the phone holding a sign saying "If I'm not the person with this phone, HELP, I think I'm missing/kidnapped/robbed (circle applicable)."
Ya think maybe they would carry 2 phones
Jim DeTour 1
Lets throw in they finally have chairs in the security lines with lie detectors to harass people with.
Not mine. I refuse to give those gangsters the satisfaction of shaking me down. I leave my phone at home and get a local phone where I visit. My contacts are on the cloud and available 24/7.
Always be a good Scout and be prepared for the unseen explainable situation. On electronic devices do not leave a tiny bit of something your Grandmother might object about. Hackers want your pictures and everything in you "smart" phone.
I was just commenting on this somewhere else yesterday. Take a look at the many versions of Border Security: xxx on Netflix. CBP agents routinely search bags, cars, cell phones, even your person if it comes to that. If you have undeclared cash over $10,000 and cannot prove where it came from they seize it and fine you. Law is much different at border crossings.
john doe 1
Sigh... LEOs don't have the "right" to perform any of their official duties - they have the [italics]authority[italics off].
iflyfsx 1
"The Fourth Amendment, even for U.S. citizens, doesn't apply at the border," said Callahan. "That's under case law that goes back 150 years."

Yeah...correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think we had a lot of airport terminals 150 years ago. Or carried all our personal documents on cell phones. So that "case law" is BS.
ken young 0
Yeah. But we had borders.
And no, the 4th does not even apply here.
Once part the 4th reads. "the right to be secure in our persons and papers from unreasonable searches and seizures"
At this point in history, when one attempts to cross the border, no search is deemed unreasonable

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John Hodge 18
Michael did you even read the article? The current policy was written in 2009 under Obama and was based off a policy written under Bush but that policy only targeted specific high value targets not just any one. At some point you'll need to grow up and stop labeling people names because you don't agree with them.

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GFY? What does that mean?
joel wiley 2
You are cordially invited to attempt a widely-known anatomical impossibility is what it means.
andy streit -2
GO F*** Yourself
Roy Hunte -2
It contains offensive language. Go .... Yourself
I travel from S.E. Asia to the USA 3-4 times a YEAR. I have seen NOTHING change on the last trip in February. If anything it was LESS UNFRIENDLY at LAX this time! How the heck could you have seen that big of a change in only DAYS of Trump's Presidency? It take MONTHS for the next Holiday Schedules to get through the USBP and TSA Offices! If there were any changes they would have to have been ordered 5-6 MONTHS ago to be showing up now! Try your Leftist "Talking Points" on some other Group, too many EDUCATED and REAL People on this Group!
M.F. LaBoo 6
YOU are the ONE who STARTED IT OFF with a MULTITUDE of CAPITALIZED WORDS which we never see in here except for RANTERS! And YOU are the SAME ONE who dragged THE PREVIOUS PRESIDENT into it, therefore EXTRANEOUSLY DRAGGING IN the POLITICAL ANGLE.
Notice you did not see a WORD on here about this until Trump took over the White House. This was started under Bush 43 and ACCELERATED and TIGHTENED under the OBAMA White House. Crazy how ALL the MEDIA including here have found as much NEGATIVITY to NOW Post, SINCE the Election!
ken young 0
Not seeing a problem here.
Blindness can have some upside.
ken young 1
we then agree to disagree.


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