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Antonov offers its airplane to Trump

U.S. President-elect earlier was displeased with costs of Boeing aircraft Ukrainian state-owned airplane manufacturer Antonov has offered its aircraft for Trump to consider using as the Presidential airplane. ( Altro...

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DanWardlaw 2
Trump will never go for it, they aren't made in America.
Neither is his line of clothing...
If Trump wants a cheap form of air transport why not go for an air baloon sponsored by antonov and
Boeing,he certainly has enough hot air coming out of his gob to keep it up in the air and with all the golf courses he owns he would have no problems where to land, hopefully in russia with his friend pukin putin.
I think that ultimately Trump will go for the 747-8, the only other viable alternative to this would be the Airbus A380 airframe. Although it is not 'Made in America', all the sensitive electronics and security features I think would need to be sourced from approved American Suppliers. The A380 though is now just breaking even in its manufacturing costs and with more airframes in the sky that Boeings offer. I think that the engine choice would be 'up in the air' (No pun intended).
linbb 1
Nice offer but our Boeing made AC have a better safety rate than most of there AC.

No matter who the prez is want that person in one of our AC. Much safer and better built.
Ian Deans 1
Bollocks !!!!! Airbus safety record is just as good as Boeings. As for the Russians..not so
Ian Deans 1
Anyway , Antonov comes from Ukraine. Similar safety record as the Russians.
scott8733 1
I suppose DT needs to start somewhere, but the reality is the federal government will spend 3 TRILLION bucks this year on social security, Medicare, Medicaid, national defense, federal pensions, and interest on a 20 trillion dollar debt.

Saving some money on a shiny new AF1 is akin to shooting a bunch of spitwods at a tank.
rugomol 0
LoL. Most corrupted state in world ... :)
You've never lived in Central America.
Oh, and you have, Kevin?
This is a aviation page, not political.
pirahna432 -2
Trump loves Putin and Russia in general. Perfect.
Antonov built in Ukraine, not Russia
rugomol 6
Antonov - not Russia.

Putin use Iilyushin.
Is Antonov a legal aircraft in the U.S.?
Antonov are not very bad airplane. I had to fly it as a passenger. And that Ukrainian aircraft in Russia is irrelevant.
unbelievable.... the secret service has the greater say in the matter, so let us see what occurs . if trump wants to fly on a Russian aircraft that uses Russian engines, good luck to him. As a political statement, it's a duzzy..... as a sensible, safe or safer choice, not so much....
atakacs 4
Antonov is in Ukraine, which is (at least for now) a independent country... And this was to be understood as a publicity stunt, as mentioned in the article.
But Patrick... Did you actually READ the article? Already in the Headline is written that Antonov is UKRANIAN!


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