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LAX Aims To Speed Up Security Lines With ‘Innovation Lanes’

LOS ANGELES ( — Air travelers who resent waiting in line will get some relief when Los Angeles International Airport opens its first two “innovation lanes,” which are designed to speed security screening by up to 30 percent, by the end of the week. The two new lanes are scheduled to open at Terminal 7, home of United Airlines, the Los Angeles Times reported. The Chicago-based carrier helped the Transportation Security Administration pay for the new equipment but declined to say how… ( Altro...

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Tony Smith 3
Security lines are only one problem at LAX, and not the worst problem. Horrific outdated traffic flow which backs up onto the surrounding streets, tarmacs and gate areas which are not to today's standards forcing planes that have already landed to wait if one is pushing off a gate, sometimes by 10-15 minutes. A mess and why I pay a premium to go out of BUR whenever it's feasible to do so.
scott8733 2
This might be the first time I've ever read or heard LAX, 'speed up', and 'innovation' in the same sentence.
I would do almost ANYTHING to avioid that s##thole of an airport. They need to get with the real world
dee9bee 1
Yea, it's bad now, but it was worse in the late 60s and 70s. All the roadway was on ground level (recall the opening scenes in the movie 'Airplane'). During holiday periods, I heard of traffic on Century Blvd being backed up much of the way east to the '405. Haven't been out there in a while, maybe that's happening again.


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