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US commercial flights take off for Cuba after more than half-century

When JetBlue Flight 387 touched down Wednesday in Cuba, it was the first direct commercial flight between the US and the island in over a half-century. The Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to Santa Clara, Cuba, flight is the latest symbol of the thawing of relations between the former Cold War adversaries, who restored diplomatic ties in 2015. ( Altro...

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Flight track for JBU387 --
Roy Thomas 3
I don't understand this claim. My son flew to Cuba on July 4th this summer.
The article is speaking specifically of so-called "scheduled" commercial flights, not charter or on-demand flights.
Roy Thomas 1
Looking at this a little further it looks like this may have been a charter flight.
There have been charter flights going there since 2012.
Ed Potter 3
40 years US Commercial Airlines (Eastern, Continental, American et el) have been flying to Havana 6 nights a week on a scheduled time. Buy a ticket in Coral Gables and go to the gate and go. I used to fly these flights and we were always full.
CrysAir 2
I have flown to and from Cuba 4 times since 2010 on American Airlines, World Atlantic, and Sky King. The flights were all scheduled charters. We have always used ABC-Charters in Miami so we have lodging reserved. Havana is experiencing the brunt of the North American visitor deluge. The rest of the country is beautiful, but poor. Only 1 car for every 33 families. The staple diet is rice and beans. My General Surgeon friend in Baracoa makes the same salary as the garbage man-$25 a month.
Typical media hype wants us to believe the Executive Branch of the U. S. Government is making these travel changes possible, but most Americans won't visit the island more than once. It is a bigger draw to Canadians who rarely leave their all-inclusive compound.
I need to visit Habana, last time was Rancho Bollero Int Airport 1952 ✈️..... Semper Fi
Margeaux K -2
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JetBlue Touches Down in Cuba in Historic Flight

Milestone: The first commercial flight between the US and Cuba in more than a half century landed in the central city of Santa Clara on Wednesday morning, re-establishing regular air service severed at the height of the Cold War, reports the AP.


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