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Retired Alaska Airlines Captain Accused Of Piloting Plane While Under The Influence

LOS ANGELES ( — A former airline pilot accused of flying a plane while under the influence has been arrested on federal charges, authorities said. David Hans Arntson, a 60-year-old former pilot for Alaska Airlines and resident of Newport Beach, was arrested Wednesday morning and arraigned on the federal charge in Los Angeles. A news release issued by the U.S. Attorney’s Office said Arntson was released on a $25,000 bond and ordered to return to court Feb. 10. ( Altro...

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How is it .10? I thought .04, no?

Sec. 91.17

Alcohol or drugs.

(a) No person may act or attempt to act as a crewmember of a civil aircraft--
(1) Within 8 hours after the consumption of any alcoholic beverage;
(2) While under the influence of alcohol;
(3) While using any drug that affects the person's faculties in any way contrary to safety; or
[(4) While having an alcohol concentration of 0.04 or greater in a blood or breath specimen. Alcohol concentration means grams of alcohol per deciliter of blood or grams of alcohol per 210 liters of breath.]
spatr 2
Most, if not all, airlines impose a 0.00 limit. You may be "legal" at .01, but you can still lose your job per company policy.
bentwing60 3
Good way to answer the question Michael,folks rarely quote the reg. or the source anymore. I guess that's because the uninformed seem to feel entitled to their own set of facts these days.
Amen and well said both of you.
joel wiley 1
Then again, the report said '...authorities say....' It could have been the 'authority' in error - I recall a study that reported IRS information was correct 3/4 of the time.

[This poster has been suspended.]

btweston 5
If you're going to call people idiots, at least learn how to proofread before posting.
tj2s 1
the reg says "or while under the influence" which puts the verdict in the hands of a judge
bentwing60 2
What most people in this particular thread understand is if you drink don't drill. That's what my mechanic buddies say. It works the same for pilots! I don't care why your right, alcohol and cockpits don't mix and most of the regulars, of which you seem to be one, are not idiots. The regs. have already been stated by Michael and are the regs! If you want to drink and drive none of it matters.
8 Hour Bottle to Throttle and "While Under the Influence"
DAL498 1
the reg says .04. See 91.17
HayMan 5
Before I interviewed where I now work, I went through several interview questions and one of them was what do you do if you encounter or suspect the other pilot has been drinking or is drunk (proof such as slurred speech, smell of alcohol, blood shot eyes, other) . We were encouraged to tell the other crew member to call in sick right immediately and to get help in the EAP program. If that person would not take themselves out of the cockpit, you need to tell them either they are leaving or I was. And if I leave, I will tell crew tracking why I am getting out and then your license and career will be in trouble. Bottom line is you cannot fly drunk or if you are the other pilot, you cannot fly with knowledge that the other pilot is impaired. If we can, we need to get those help when and where we can. I will also say that we can not always tell when the other pilot has been drinking or impaired.

On the other side of this issue, Not to long ago, a passenger made a comment to one of our captains about him being drunk or impaired. The captain, even though he had not been drinking and was fit to fly, took the remark seriously, called in sick and immediately requested a breathalyzer to prove he was not impaired. That comment delayed the flight 4 hours.
bentwing60 4
I suspect the tests weren't quite that "random' if he was still that pickled after 6 hours of flying. Sad to say I have seen this movie on my part 135 end of the business. I'll never understand how they think! And assaulting him with "the book" would be appropriate.
linbb 1
And the loss of his pilots license as with that little regard for the people he was flying jail time is warranted here. He isn't the first one caught some have been caught before getting on the AC. Think about over the years how many times it happened before drug testing.
The flying public expects 'licensed pilots' to police 'licensed pilots' when individuals are not fit to operate or fly the aircraft. This principle about professionals self-policing others in their profession applies to law enforcement officers, physicians, nurses, train operators, ship captains, etc. All Lives Matters!
jbqwik 3
I once worked with a closet alky; I've seen firsthand how coordination goes sloppy. A .13 BAC is way more than just a couple beers. No excuse!
8 inches from bottle to throttle - just keep it in the cupholder between the seats
bentwing60 2
Our old bar remark is "no shots on short final".
Ruger9X19 2
How do you keep a steady hand as the ground is rushing up toward you if you can't get a little nip in?
bentwing60 3
That's what the "whiskey compass" is for.
You Boys have to much time on your hands lol. You all need to also watch the movie Flight. Umm I wasn't drinking but I did save the plane and no body else could have done that lol. Oh wait I was drunk and high that day lol.
spatr 2
I thought it was no smoking 8 hours prior and no drinking within 50 feet of the plane.
edgeair 1
Those Alaska airlines guys have it so easy with auto-throttle, when I take off in my C172 I like to crack open a cold one on a long flight and relax, but I cant touch the throttle for 8 hrs because my instructor always said "8hrs bottle to throttle". So what I find myself doing is filing an airport 45 min flying time away from my real destination as the flight plan "Destination," I fly to the FAA "destination" and then fly 45 min towards my real destination. So when the engine coughs and quits from exhaustion I just have dead-stick it in. I never touched the throttle so I was legal on that flight and I had a legal fuel reserve. Full disclosure: I stole this from somewhere in /r/ShittyAskFlying.
joel wiley 1
And your JD is from where?
12 hours bottle to throttle - or do they say 24 :)
An acquaintance always had a Coke can working.....filed with Vodka. How he kept his license was always a mystery.
joel wiley 1
At .13 at John Wayne, I wonder how he got to the airport in San Diego. Did he 'refuel' in Portland? I wonder if he could be charged for DUI in California on this.
For some reason I think the drug/alcohol test wasn't completely random.
Very interesting, under Federal pressure the stateS were required to change their DWI-DUI presumptive levels to .08%, while the federal flight standard remained at .10%.


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