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Airliner with most seats ever unveiled

"The biggest airliner in the world just got more seats than ever before. Emirates airline unveiled a new Airbus A380 outfitted with 615 seats. "For those keeping score, that is the most ever," writes aviation blogger Gilbert Ott. Currently Air France A380s fly the largest capacity configuration in active service -- 538 seats. Think about it: 615 passengers is like an entire town flying on one airplane. In fact, assuming the 2010 Census is accurate, this plane actually has enough… ( Altro...

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JW Wilson 4
I think the A380 was certified with 853 PAX, all deplaning in less than 2 minutes. Talk about a "cattle call."
kilroy 1
That is a lot of people in one plane. The CNN article caption is so dramatic saying "Watch this crazy landing". It appeared to be a damn good crosswind landing and Nothing scarey at all!
BaronG58 1
Yup! text book it is.
Jeff Carey 1
Nice routine x wind landing.
Just what the world needs, 600 people shuffling through the only open "Foreign Passport" window at BKK all at once.

Better plan an extra day in Bangkok for airport waiting time.


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