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Man taken into custody after landing aircraft on Capitol grounds

U.S. Capitol Police have converged Wednesday on a small manned aircraft that has landed on the west front of the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. Police have taken the pilot into custody. ( Altro...

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preacher1 5
I have to wonder what part of going to jail if you break the law that people don't understand these days.
sirkha 3
I think he was planning on going to jail. I think that is part of the point. Latest is that he was protesting campaign finance issues.
dee9bee 5
So the Prime Minister of Iraq is in the U.S. Capitol building, something lands on the west lawn and the building goes into 'lockdown'...The PM must have been saying to himself, "What's the big deal?"
Lol this is probably a daily occurrence for him
He has a good point, and got the press to bring it to light. Good for him.
preacher1 1
Yeah, but look at the cost, a government job and probably prison.
You mean the cost of our government being owned by a few ultra-wealthy individuals, Wall St, and several other industries is not a problem, but a couple dozen Federal Employees doing their job is too expensive... Hmmmm.. Interesting perspective. I think we might have a different opinion of the relative "costs" associated with the two views of this story. I see what you mean, and you are right. But, I think the point of his weird protest is completely valid and I'm glad it's getting the attention he wanted to bring to it. Just my view. :)
preacher1 2
Well, I was just looking at what he gave up for a cause; a lifetime of working and facing jail time. I feel strongly about his cause and my general feelings about the government are probably not a lot different from yours but not enough to give up a lifetime's work. I made the comment of government job just to emphasize what he had given up as most are better than average.
Oh yeah.. after I replied I re-read your comment and thought I might have mis-interpreted it. Yes, I did, Sorry :)
I agree with you on that point, he did give up a lot for it. I bet, though, he won't face any jail time but will probably lose his job. It's disappointing what someone has to do to bring attention to what the media doesn't want to cover, because the media is owned by the same interests that have bought our government through Citizens United.. :(
Anyway, sorry I confused your comment. You have a valid point.
preacher1 2
It is a shame that somebody has to go thru something like that to gain attention to a cause, and even after all that, probably won't get anywhere.
Of course it wont get anywhere. The truth will be written by "We the people" (meaning prosecutors) who I can not beleive let this guy do an interview with a Florida news station. He really did sound to be of soundish mind.
Being a martyr has it costs...if you are that dogmatic about something.

Then again. This guy called ahead of time and even his buddy called the Secret Service. Yet, these cops who of course are ill prepared seemed to have run like blind mince when the landing was taking place. If this guy proved one thing it is just how ill prepared they are at 1600 - and I am more than certain that terrorists will be taking notes.
preacher1 1
He didn't land at 1600. He landed at the capitol but the cops still ran around like blind mice.

“Normally we usually catch these things in the air,” says Mike Kucharek, spokesman for the North American Aerospace Defense Command. “It could be the time of flight or the composite material the aircraft is made of – we’re not going to speculate,” says Kucharek.
preacher1 1
What happened to them multi -million dollar balloons that Lockheed was supposed to put up there. Oh Wait, they were for threats from overseas. When are people going to realize that we are doing to have to look inside too.
Well, it wasn't like they weren't warned about him. After all the USSA had investigated him LAST YEAR
joel wiley 1
Looks like he is going to be on some 'no fly list' for a while.
Dave Mills 1
More details on the pilot and the gyrocopter:
joel wiley 4
A 61 YO mailman,redefining 'going postal'
No skidding or landing short today
jbird17 1
Why are we making a big fuss about a copter disrupting a bunch of sinecure bureaucrats time? It's not like they are doing anything important anyway. Only this guy gave them initiative to spend another $billion on security for them. I say land a fleet of gyros on the lawn.
...and I might have misinterpreted your comment. If so, my apologies.
sparkie624 -2
A True Idiot.. What was he thinking...
Neil49 1
Among the charges he faces will NOT be attempting to deliver the mail without proper postage. In his home video, he can be seen affixing stamps to the envelopes.

Maybe he should get a job with, where his delivery skills will be more appreciated.
sparkie624 1
Not sure amazon wants him.. They want unmanned Drones... Which brings to mention... What is going to happen the next time someone in congress orders a package from Amazon and it is delivered to the them at the Capital Center.. LOL.....
Margeaux K 0
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Protest Flight: Guy Lands Small Copter at Capitol

A pilot has been taken into custody after landing a small copter on the lawn at the US Capitol today, reports CNN. Capitol Police confirm that a "gyro copter with a single occupant" landed of the pilot's own accord—though most definitely without permission to fly in restricted airspace.


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