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American Airlines inspecting 767s after crack seen

NEW YORK — American Airlines is inspecting 56 of its Boeing 767 jets after cracks were detected on at least two planes. American spokesman Tim Wagner said Tuesday the cracks were discovered in the pylons that attach the engines to the wings on one plane during normal maintenance, and that prompted the general inspection of all planes with the same type of part. ( Altro...

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Kinda reminds you of that aircraft that dropped it's engine while taxiing a few years ago.
Remember ORD in 1979 AA DC-10 accident?
aleutianman 0
Why is it that American always has these mysterious cracks on their engine pylons? Reminds me of their maintenance techniques that were changed after the DC-10 accident.
something about using a fork lift to jam the engine in place and driving the attachment bolt in caused that one
HBFlyer 0
The good news is they found the issue before an in flight problem arose. This is a good thing!
jayhawke 0
yeaaa....that really sent a message to me about the "crack" on the pylon, of the DC-10
at Chicago's O'Hare (ORD) airport in 1979...I think it was May 25th of that year...
Why is it (seems like) American Airlines has these problems, and no one does ??....hmmmmmm
how about when kalitta air lost engine over lake michigan a few yrs ago. R&S flanges on the engine is routine inspection now.
Gene spanos 0
Just how many have flown over Park Ridge while
on take-off or final ?
karle ham 0
I hung engines at MCD on DC 10s and MD 11s. I dropped a bolt one time and the inspector rejected it saying a $360 was'nt worth the Billion it would cost in lawsuits. I still have the bolt and we found afterward the holes for safety wire were not drilled anyway. We always hung an engine on a scale and had to have inspection present and the scale could read no more thatn 12,000 lb. 6 bolts are all that hold those to the pylons.


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