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Air France Jet Stranded in Manchester as Pilot Runs Out of Hours

The flight had already been six hours late when it left New York because of bad weather. ( Altro...

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I don't think the title or articular really accurately represents what happened. It sounds like it's stuck due to a mechanical problem. Indeed they stopped at Manchester, but presumably due to a pre-arranged crew change due to the rest issue in NY, and only then did the real problem arise.
preacher1 3
I agree, it did mention a pressurization problem as keeping the jumbo on the ground.
pilot23 2
Timed out
siriusloon 2
How is this news? Things like this happen often. I was on a flight delayed because a flight attendant had had a flu shot too close to flying and had to be replaced by one who wasn't breaking the waiting period, then the replacement wasn't qualified on that model of aircraft and another one had to be called in. By the time we finally left, the first one's waiting period had expired, but she'd already been sent home.
btweston -3
Well, when 440 people are taken somewhere they didn't want to go and left for hours because of poor planning...

That's news.

Out of curiousity, do you know what news is? It's when abnormal things happen and an organization, such as a newspaper or website, tells you about the abnormal thing happening. It could be a kid winning a model rocket contest, or it could be a suicide bombing. If airlines are supposed to allow their pilots to time out without a backup plan, then you have a point. But they aren't, and that happened.

So there you go.
preacher1 4
With wx and mx problems combined, it sounds like plans got shot in the hiney, in spite of good intentions.
On Dec.23, 2013 I had a similar experience with an Air France 380. Flying from IAD to Charles de Gaulle, we were an hour late departing, with AF knowing there was a huge storm front over the UK and Europe. So on Christmas Eve morning we arrived over Paris not being able to land at either Charles De Gaulle or Orly, in spite of go rounds at both airports. We were flying sideways, so strong were the winds. So it was down to Toulouse where we sat in the plane for 6 hours with only one small sandwich and a bottle of water the whole time. We were not allowed off the plane, frustrating to me as I was going on to my family in Rome and could have gone from Toulouse. We flew back to CDG in the evening and waited another 5 hours in line for hotel accommodation. It was midnight by the time I got my voucher and room, and all the eating places were closed, so no dinner either, not having been able to leave the line. No Air France staff came around with drinks or sandwiches while we waited. There was no apology from Air France, no recompense for the 55 hours it took for me to fly from IAD to arrive in Rome on Christmas Day. Never again will I fly Air France.
pilot23 0
Not news. They times out.
Probably would be a lot cheaper to just augment the flight.

They would have known they could not complete the flight before departing NYC. Would six hours notice be adequate for the airline to stage a crew in the UK to fly the last part? The article glosses over the fact that the plane had a pressurization problem, instead focusing on the pilot duty time safety rules as the cause of the plane sitting on the ground.
Seems they haven't fixed the door leak issue yet? Wouldn't it have been easier to fly in a new flight crew rather than 3 other planes? Hmmmmm? Love to see the altitude profile before the pilots "got tired", Hmmmm?


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