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JetBlue rolls out etiquette in the air video series

Last year, airlines experienced their fair share of impolite passengers. From the contentious legroom wars to shameless slouchers, it seemed as if cabin crew members were often called upon to act more like parents of poorly behaved children than attendants. Now, JetBlue wants to put an end to bad behavior in the skies with a new web series featuring air faux pas. ( More...

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Lee Smith 7
Sorry Jet BULL, But the so called cargo (aka Passengers) also known as HUMANS, do fall asleep on long flight, and your video makes it appear as if it's their FAULT for not forcing themselves to stay away. Being asleep and being Impolite are TWO DIFFERNT events that either we have control of our actions are we don't when were asleep. SO get off the back of the innocent sleeper. While we're on the subject, STOP BLAMING the passengers for feeling UPSET at the MISERY of having to be forced to sit in less and LESS seating space and to have a ARM wrestling contest with the passenger (aka HUMAN) next to you, to place your arm somewhere to be comfortable. Fact is jack, that the people in the corp., ivory tower have the control over the size of the seat and leg room. NOT THE HUMAN BEINGS CALLED PASSENGERS. So stop blaming the passengers for YOUR CORP GREED to get an extra few more passengers fitted into the plane. WORK INSTEAD on finding POSITIVE approaches to making FLYING AGAIN MORE ENJOYABLE. The airlines have proven that they know how to TORTURE the passenger's very WELL, and TO MAKE MILLIONS in FEE's. So how about becoming an airline that sees the PAYING PASSANGER as IMPORTANT and not as just dollars and cents.
Careful: You will be escorted off the plane for your all caps behavior.
Lee Smith 3
I needed a good laugh, Thanks Allan! But as my momma use to say, ""IF you can't take the heat, get out of the Kitchen"" and as I say to all businesses, The customer/passenger's VOTE WITH THEIR FEET or in todays world, THEIR KEYBOARD, as to what airline THEY SELECT.
If you don't like how JetBlue does it then don't be so cheap does us all a favor and fly with another airline. If you buy beer then you will get beer. Da!!!!
K H 2
There's nothing especially cheap about Jet Blue. More so now that they're adding checked bag fees. They've become just another airline.
ken young 1
I'm going to take a flyer here and guess you are one of these loud snoring sleepers.
I am not so non-combative that I would have no issue elbowing the wood grinding jerk next to me in the ribs.
Or, I would simply do this.....Very loudly snap my newspaper. Either way the snorer will never get back to sleep..
lynx318 1
ben jordaan 0
Could you perhaps stop shouting? Do you always shout? Since when is proper grammar not good enough to prove a point.
Ignorant adults are that way for a reason. They will remain ignorant.
preacher1 1
Words are words. Pictures don't lie. These are pretty plain.
btweston 1
Ironically, I think you mean stupid.
Symantics sir.
Ricky Scott 0
Ignorant means you are unlearned

Stupid means you wont learn.
Hey Santa , didn't I say they are that way for a reason? You and Weston need to meet.

No Christmas presents for you this year
It's why I avoid commercial airlines. Hubby and I use them for coast to coast or international. The flying greyhound bus concept has become unbearable. In the past, people had more respect and exhibited common courtesy towards one another.
lynx318 1
Flight etiquette rule 89 should be "don't touch fellow passenger's boobies."
Does the video address the worst oF the worst--the selfish parents who bring A SCREAMING BABY ON A PLANE & MAKE no EFFORT TO SHUT THE BRAT UP--ever??
Lee, next time use spell check or grammar check. The errors really dumb down your commentary. It's also fairly ignorant of you to to blame the airline for the actions of stupid and ignorant people. Obviously you are the perfect traveler that I would want sitting next to me. They are over exaggerating situations to make a sensitive situation humorous. Or did you just NOT get THAT? You obviously have a hair across your butt for people that make "MILLIONS" or live in "IVORY" towers... says a lot about your character. This campaign IS exactly what the airline is doing to try and make flying more enjoyable for passengers. Perhaps you should stick with bus transportation and leave the flying to the professionals.


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