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United Studying Boeing 777X Jets for Long-Range Fleet, CFO Says

United Continental Holdings Inc. (UAL) is interested in Boeing Co. (BA)’s new 777 planes to bolster long-range flying as it braces for competition from Middle Eastern carriers such as Emirates, said Chief Financial Officer John Rainey. “We’re going to look at it. We haven’t made a decision,” Rainey said today in an interview at The Year Ahead: 2014, a two-day conference in Chicago hosted by Bloomberg LP. Rainey made the comments two days after United unveiled plans to cut spending by $2… ( Altro...

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The bigger question to ask here is:

With their wanting to cut spending, what does that say about the MOU signed with both Boeing and Airbus for the B787 and A350? They appear to be ordering those aircrafts to phase out their B767s, B744s, and B772s (they were the launch customer for the B777). Are they still looking at keeping three longhaul aircraft types in their fleet?
Have been waiting for a direct east coast (USA/Canada) to India for a while. Maybe they can pull it off? Direct to Philippines would also be huge.
Do you not know about the 772 that flies between EWR and BOM?
Josh Zylks 1
UAL Flight 82/83 is daily EWR/DEL out and back service. I've taken that flight several time in the last couple years. Served by the B772.
As usual the American carriers will lag behind the rest...


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