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Norwegian Air 787-8 hydraulic pump fails in Bangkok

Norwegian Air suffered yet another Boeing 787 Dreamliner breakdown on Friday Sept. 27 when a hydraulic pump failed, delaying a flight to Stockholm from Bangkok, a spokesman. Norwegian’s two 787s have broken down several times this month. The company could not say how long the plane would be grounded this time and was making alternative travel arrangements for passengers should the delay prove extensive. ( Altro...

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That's why there are three independent pumps. We already know that the Norweigans cannot service these machines and Boeing is, as I post, oufitting Stavanger with a parts and staff training regime. Sensationalist journalism. Hydraulic pump failure is not uncommon...especially if someone is stealing the filters.
I can not go along with the theory that "sensational journalism" is the perp here. Boeing has a PR problem that is significant and potentially the 787 is a monumental failure. Time will tell...
The aviation industry has always had its share of criminals. The journalists would do well to try and buy some Boeing parts on the "black market" and see where that leads them. But they ain't got the guts to do that...have they?
Journalists scream 'free press' and when pressed claim 'sources' and whenever challenged to identify them they claim 'sources' and refuse to back up their journalism.

These sources are actually mythical beings and the truth is that these 'journalists' use their pretend friends to justify the huge damage they cause when they publish as 'the truth' what they believe is what others tell them but in fact is nothing of the sort.

They call this democracy so if this be democracy give me communism and a licenced media that actually reports the truth, something free press journalist know nothing about. I believe that the US constitution created this mess and hey presto, you get the consequences of such a folly.

If I chose to report such inaccurate garbage I would be hauled before the courts charged with libel but if a so called 'journalist' published exactly the same he would be happily sat in a bar somewhere in the knowledge that he was untouchable because he represented the free 'press' make me vomit!

Getting to the point of this thread, the B787 seems to be suffering from poorly manufactured parts and a cumulative consequence is a series of 'failures' and thus a rampant negative an irresponsible 'press'. I have no problem with reporters reporting but have no time for so called journalists shaping the opinions of intelligent people and damaging businesses and the jobs of those employed within them.
Reuters is reporting Norwegian Air is returning the airplane to Boeing:
The good old A340. My fave machine.
It would be interesting to see a list of other hydraulic pump failures by aircraft type that occurred on the same day.
idiotic - yea that's what i mean
Come on ! "potentially the 787 is a monumental failure" it's infact the exact opposite
sorry but that is a completly idotic remark and has no basis in reality...
sparkie624 1
Would it be any different in any other state or country... Doh... Just MEL it and bring it back, or send over another one and replace it.. What is the big deal... Things break... that is my we have MEL's
I noticed that parts availability is a problem with any new plane. I was stuck in Sud Afrika for 30 hours once while Virgin's mechanic, Kermit, searched the world for a hydraulic pump for a then new A340. They took the pump off an arriving aircraft, the only other A340 in the country. That plane had to wait for a Boeing to arrive from Europe with a new pump.

That is always how it is Ric. That is just the way it is.

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Ummmmm...It just happened on a Boeing.

I also question the logistics and planning on the part of both the airlines and producer. If parts have such a short use life, why would one not plan ahead for same? That kind of information should be part of a pre-purchase package. To launch a product without sufficient spares is insane.

Of course, if the product was produced with such short component life, how revolutionary is it after all?


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