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First Officers Should Have Same Qualifications As Captains

The Allied Pilots Association (APA), certified collective bargaining agent for American Airlines pilots, voiced continued strong support for raising qualification requirements for first officers who fly for U.S. passenger and cargo airlines. APA President Keith Wilson said that a recent in-flight emergency aboard an Alaska Airlines flight clearly demonstrated the need for highly trained first officers. ( Altro...

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What will happen is the rules will get so restrictive that the time minimums will keep pilots from even getting to the first officer point. Some will even spend 10-15 years instructing, and by the time they get to that point they have 20 years at best of having a chance to have a "career" with an airline at mostly mediocre pay. With the increasing costs of fuel and user fees being touted, it will discourage pilots from even trying to gain experience so they can make it a career, causing a bigger pilot shortage.

Plus the times don't mean anything unless the person has the talent and aptitude to show for it and to act as a PIC or SIC. I've known pilots so desperate and dishonest who have falsified times in their log books by thousands of hours and they have the aptitude and decision making abilities of a student pilot, including one who (IMO, was too egotistical and mentally incompetent to fly a plane) froze up in the left seat of a Hawker during a starter/generator failure, causing the guy in the right seat, (who actually had more experience) to take over and land the plane at night in barely VMC conditions. So numbers DO NOT mean a thing. There has got to be a better solution. I recommend incorporating a rigorous mental health and aptitude screening as a requirement before considering times and ATP to be a determining factor for an F/O. He is there to get the experience so he can earn the ATP and become a captain isn't he?
How is this even a story? Sounds like monday morning quartebacking.

We're heading toward the 1500 hour/ATP rule in a few months.

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dg1941 1
Two problems, money and experience. Despite being small, overall these routes make money for smaller states and I, and likely others would like a new pilot to screw up on a small route in a CRJ rather then Minneapolis to Miami in a 737.
preacher1 2
That's BULLS***. Dead is dead wheter it's 10 or a 100. Somebody in here made a comparison to a resident doctor. How in the hell are these folks going to learn. Give 'em their basics but put them in the seat for them to buil time and learn
btweston 3
What happened to supply and demand? Sure, 250 hours seems low but how many airlines really hire people at that number? As I understand it the vast majority of applicants are completing against a whole lot of other would-be pilots for a finite number of jobs. Therefore the airlines can simply start with the applicant with the highest number of hours and work their way down until all of the positions are filled, which leaves many pilots looking for work.

Additionally, the scenario highlighted in the article in which the captain of the Alaska flight had a medical emergency leaving the first officer alone in the cockpit is irrelevant. We have no idea how many hours the first officer had. Hell, he may have been a captain at another airline before being downsized. But no matter how many hours the first officer has, if the captain goes down he's still "only" a first officer. And even when these magical regulations take effect there is still very little chance that every flight will have two "equally qualified pilots" in the cockpit. After all... Why are captains... captains?

Anyway, get ready to pay more to go see grandma. Someone has to fund these extended apprenticeships.
preacher1 1
Major airlines won't hire that low and do a lot of qualification looking besides hours. You can't convince me that regionals are that picky. As with Phil here below, get rid of all the contracting regionals and make 'em all employees of the carrier. A pilot can't be on 2 121 certificates at the same time. Why should a regional airline be allowed to contract to 2 different carriers?
Eric Bolt 2
then why would you ever be a first officer?
Problem solved. NO pilots, all automated aircraft (drone) this way if an aircraft goes down killing everybody on board and on the ground no one is to blame except a computer. I wonder, has a computer ever been sued or jailed before. Undrstand the insanity that is sweeping the nation. When you fly these days, everybody onboard thinks everybody onboard is a terrorist; what difference does it make? - none. Besides, there is no proof that somebody has 1 hr or 10,000 hrs of whatever. Anybody can make up logbook hours, the test is your ability required.
Something more to his request than passages and freight. I don't even understand the first officer is just that and as he or she grows they will become captains.... The problem inwhich differential thrust was used was done by a check pilot , because the captain did not have the answer, not his fault it happens, but being captain did not help. I couldn't remember the airport sorry approach.
preacher1 1
What they need to do is go to work on the Regionals and get their pilots off starvation wages. I expect, don't know for sure, that there are some RJ Captains out there with less than 1500 hours if the truth be known. It is really gonna be a trip if that 1500hr rule takes hold.

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preacher1 1
Like I said above, put the regionals as carrier owned and get rid of all the contracts and things might get a little more equitable. Hell, evenen though Eagle is AMR owned, it is still set up as a whole different company. It will all be interesting to see how it shakes out.
You need to have ATP mins to be a captain on any regional jet, therefore there are no rj captains out there with less than 1500 hours.
preacher1 2
I said if the truth be known
KW10001 1
Saying FOs should have the same qualifications as Captains, is as ridiculous as saying resident physicians should have the same qualifications as attending physicians.


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