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TWA B727, Pilots Last Flight before Retirement, SFO-STL

Interesting piece, chances are nill we will ever see this type of this type with a US carrier ... again. ( Altro...

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Lots of 727s still flying with FedEx. They seem to really like them.
Prety damn aircraft. My favorite. I can only fly it on Microsoft now.
99NY 1
Not for long though, the uptick in 757 purchases by Express are sending many of the tri-holers into retirement.
Maybe Allegiant will pick them up
Pick what up?
An all-time favorite of mine Anyone remember a story of a 727 on a flight to LAX lost and engine, trimmed it out and kept flying. When they landed they found they had really LOST the engine! It was later found in the New Mexico desert. Now that's an aeroplane! Also Hugh Hefner had a black one with the playboy logo on the tail.
gcvisel 1
Hefner's airplane was a DC-9-32.
Actually the Big Bunny was a black DC-9, bunny logo on the tail
Gary Plomp 1
With all due respect, I think Hugh Hefner had a Douglas DC-9-30 Playboy jet.
Gary Plomp 1
David, with all due respect, I beleive Hugh Hefner had a Douglas DC-9-30 for the Playboy jet. G.
gcvisel 1
The Playboy "Big Bunny" was a DC9-32.
Actually, Hef's big bunny was a black DC-9,
Great, I have a lot of time in them both as a Plummer and Pilot. Was in Captain Up Grade in Houston when Lorenzo shut down Continental. The best times were when I flew Air Mic for 3 +years. We flew special 727-100s with bigger engines,nose wheel brakes and other special modifications. That brought back great memories.
Jay Link 1
Were the mods for short field performance?
I live and work near BWI and watch 72s quite often. FEDEX flys DC-10s into BWI.
The 727 was always my favorite jet when I was a child. Back then, Electras were still flying, too. Aviation has changed a lot in some areas, and not so much in others.
Bill Haun 1
Nice aircraft//Brings back memories
You should try the Dreamfleet 727, it's for FS9... a real beaut...

If you want it, lemme know, it's so much fun to fly, I always felt I got the most for my money with this one, it cost me $45.00 four years ago, I've never regretted a single penny for that aircraft, it's my all-time favourite (the LD 767 is a very close 2nd).
sparkie624 1
Nice Video and Approach... Something you do not see too often... Hand Flying an approach. Great Job. I remember working on the Avionics on that Vintage 727. The Good Ole Days.
ABOUT ALL B-727'S - how i miss thee
acmi 1
actually many of the FX 727Fs are conversions from TW aircraft
for B-727's - just renew, new engines, avonics, then into the wild blue again. p.s. NO CRACKS. i was NEVER nervous to fly in this a/c. any time , place, weather. just like the DC-3
Jay Link 1
I enjoyed 727s as a child, but there's a reason they've been retired.

737s have much better performance, and 1 fewer flight crew. Remember how 727s seemed to just "hover" for some time after takeoff before really starting to climb?
Al Palmer 1
One of my favorites, too! Back in the 70's and early 80's, that's about all I ever saw at Lindbergh Field in San Diego. I believe it was to prevent scraping the center engine on the runway during rotation..


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