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Airlines warn of Olympic chaos at London airports

The heads of four leading airlines have warned the British government there could be chaos at London's airports during this summer's Olympic Games... London's Heathrow Airport, Britain's busiest, runs at 99 percent of its capacity on an average day, and Gatwick, south of the capital, is operating at full capacity at peak times... ( Altro...

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Sounds more like, "A pound late, a pound short" .... Why would these so called CEO's .. wait until just 129 days before the games ? ... It was awared long enough ago, this should had been figured into the plans ...
The Olympics start in 129 days. Are they going to build a 3rd runway by then? This is just people pushing an agenda to increase traffic at Heathrow.

There were the same type of people pushing what a disaster the Olympics were going to be in 1984. Traffic was never so light on Los Angeles roads than during the games. The city airport moguls were insisting that Palmdale was the only place that could handle the international flights. That airport handled a whopping 93 passengers in December 2008. I think Ariel Tweto handles more passengers a month than that.
Please dont forget Southend, and Cambridge and Little Muckle in the Marsh.
boughbw 2
This is nothing -- when the World Cup and Olympics go to Brazil, their 1950s-era airports in Rio and Sao Paulo will be absolutely crushed. At least London has two international airports servicing the city.
Sao Paulo's Guarulhos International Airport (GRU) was inaugurated in 1985. Rio de Janeiro's International Galeao/Antonio Carlos Jobim (GIG)has a long history dating back to 1952, but now, the actual airport has been in operation since 1977.
boughbw 1
You're right. I was thinking Congonhas.
However, Sao Paulo (GRU) is easily the worst airport I've ever flown to or from. It is unfathomable for a city the size of New York to have facilities as poor as GRU, and no, it doesn't look anything comparable to airports built in the US during the same period.
Rio de Janeiro is bearable, but barely.
About the only airport I find the least bit tolerable there is Brasilia (BSB).
Both airports around London are far superior to each of these.
Actually, London has THREE international airports! Heathrow (LHR), Gatwick (LGW) and Stansted (STN), all of which handle international arrivals as well as having road and rail connections. I've worked at all of them at some time. Oh, and don't forget Luton!! They have plenty of charter flights in and out of there.

This sounds like a storm in a tea cup.....
Doesn't this "chaos" occur just prior to and right after Olympic (both summer & winter)?
ken young 1
Here's a novel idea....Stay home and watch it on tv or the internet.


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