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Plane Crash in Colorado kils two injures 4

Authorities say two people are dead and four others injured after a private airplane from Texas crashed just short of an airport runway during a heavy snowstorm in Colorado. ( More...

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Kingair31 3
Peter, I just am becoming more and more disgusted with intentional flights into severe or unforgiving weather. The passengers generally do not know any better! Next thing you know, the kids on this flight end up motherless.
Kingair31, I whole heartedly agree. I live in CO and the weather can get pretty nasty in the mountains. It boggles the mind to think that anyone, other than a professional pilot with the right equipment, would even attempt to make a landing in zero visibility conditions. My brother, who does fliy professionally (757's into Eagle) has told me that even if the winds are not favorable, would more than likely divert to DIA - on a clear day no less.
Kingair31 1
Absolutely senseless.....I'm not Chuck Yeager; however, my boss knows I DO NOT play with weather that is "suspect". I made that crystal clear in the beginning and they respect my opinion and have never questioned my judgement. This was absolutely poor judgement, knowing the probability was not good before they departed is just mind blowing to me that he even attempted it. Thanks for the reply Peter, I know this is a cliche'; however, learning from the mistakes of others is getting costly these days my friend.
Kingair31 3
"the 8-passenger Cessna 414A was attempting to land in the middle of a heavy snow storm with ‘zero visibility’ just before 3:30 p.m. on Sunday"

I have a question....WHY?
Kingair31, unfortunately that is a question that will never be answered.
A.J. Orsino 1
I think they ment to say "Kills" lol, but very very sad.


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