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Micron CEO dies in small plane crash

Micron CEO Steve Appleton dies in small airplane crash at Boise Airport ( Altro...

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kpeevairnl 4
Listened to ATC. Took off at approximately 8:46 AM from 10R and reported that he had a problem and was going to land. Taxied back to 10R at approx 8:55 and was cleared for take off. After acknowledging, ATC updated ATIS and warned of birds in vicinity. just a few seconds later Appleton stated he was returning and crashed between 10R and 10L
Do you have a link to the recording?
Stephen here is the link :

sad to see this guy leave us.
Agreed, thanks very much!!
As incredible as it seems for such an excellent and highly experienced pilot it is possible he had a serous problem right after take off and tried to return to a runway and stalled at a low altitude. May he test in peace.
Knew him for a long time, amazing guy. We have the same plane. Always feared this might happen.
linbb 1
Met him at an airshow flying his Mig, talked for some time about flying not about his work he loved to talk about his hobby. Dont understand the statement as it could have been anything that got him but at least he was alone and doing something he loved not sitting in a chair doing nothing. May he rest in peace on his final flight.
iFlyGr8 0
He doesn't own a MiG, he has a Hawker Hunter.
Picture of the accident plane:
iFlyGr8 0
I live in Boise, and my dad was on the Exeuive board with him... I've sat in his Hawker Hunter before, sad day. Look's like he was landing on 28R and took a bounce and went into the grass.


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