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Airbus A350 Entry Into Service Slips to 2014

Airbus has shifted final assembly of the first A350 XWB to the first quarter of 2012, with service entry of the new majority composite widebody with launch customer Qatar Airways to the first half of 2014, parent EADS has announced in its third quarter results. Further, EADS has announced a €200 million charge on the program. The company has cited the "maturity of the A350 XWB main components" as Airbus primary focus, though no other details about the reasons for the slip have been… ( Altro...

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"maturity of the A350 XWB main components"

Isn't that industryspeak for "we can't find a contractor who'll go cheap enough?"
Airbus has there problems too. Look at the development problems and delays in the A380. Not surprised with the A350 XWB in that the design was unstable for so long. They dropped the first A350 design for the XWB version - that takes time resulting in delays no matter how much management tries to make it sound like no problem.
Sarcasm is difficult to convey in text.
preacher1 0
Well, they made so much of Boeing's delay. I would look for something from Boeing or potential customers over the next few days and yeah Brian, sarcasm is difficult to convey in text.LOL
Airbus may be on the "C.R.O.W." (consuming 'r' own words) diet over the next few years til they can get this one in the air.
indy2001 0
For those pro-Airbus folks who love to ridicule Boeing for their 787 delays, this is a much-deserved reality check. It's no surprise that aircraft as complex as these routinely encounter scheduling setbacks. What is surprising is that people are surprised when it happens.
Rivalry,makes for better competition!!!
canuck44 0
...or engineering shortcuts and financial corruption.
I thought things like this only happen at Boeing.
Not a bad idea to push the schedule back even further. This will allow opportunity to ensure that QATAR takes delivery of a new aircraft with functional landing (relax... just another jab at the homers... you know who you are).
good news for morre sales of boeings 787.....maybe
canuck44 0
Particularly if the NLRB is emasculated.


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