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Boeing 747-8I flies over every state in the lower 48 in 18 hours

Boeing returns to their canvas again -- this time to fly over every state in the lower 48 United States in a single flight! ( Altro...

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Gary Eaton 0
the same jet flew from Washington to Charleston, SC made a flyover of the airport and then flew back to Washington on Oct. 21st, 2011. Check out for some photos.
Mark Duell 0
Missed WV and RI
Looks like WV was a planning mistake and they missed RI by cutting the corner.
Mark Duell 0
Also missed the landmass of PA
Ben Lillie 0
Barely got MS and AR either.
looks like they frogot to fly over west virginia or the lines were drawn incorrectly????
Well, if Boeing had moved the route 50 miles, it would have crossed over W. Virginia...
sbirch 0
Including all the states looks like it may have not been the original plan, as the scheduled flight plan would have missed Nebraska and Wyoming. WV was an oversight, but then who remembers WV. Still pretty cool.
screw you
Cannikin 0
What was the purpose of this flight?
Ian Smith 0
they also missed kentucky. fail.
Mark Duell 0
They flew across the western side of KY.
jon sloan 0
Looks like they missed WV.
Washington D.C. is not a state. It it's own world :)
Washington D.C. is not a state.
It's in it's own world :)
KC Hoover 0
I think that RI was clipped and also PA near Lake Erie. WV was defnitely missed. They weren't even close.
Dale Lewis 0
They flew over California at FL42 so no visual but if you have a Radar Box or SBS1 it can be tracked real time on your PC.
According to the chart, they missed West Virginia
Heading to KOA right now - sounds like a lot more fun than zigzagging the Mainland!
DC is not a state
DC is not a state...
what's the point?
Thet missed West Virginia.
Based on the above posts, I wonder if the 748 happened to miss West Virginia...?
My Guess would be so that, as an economy measure, they can sell it with the option of only running two engines on longer over water-or over anything. Given a light load on a long stage this has a real sales value.
indy2001 0
In Feb, 2005 a British Airways 747 took off from KLAX for a flight to EGLL with only 3 engines operating. (The incident report said BA had done 3-engine passenger ops 15 times in the 5 years previous to that incident, so it was nothing new to them.) So BA should be interested in shutting down the "extra" engine to save even more money with 2 engines running.
There are some reports here-in Wichita, Kansas-that Boeing has been tempted to produce a twin engine version of the 47. (probably the -400 model). Were that so, and they could hold the current flight characteristics, it would be a welcome entry to the long range twin. Of course they already have the 777 so it must be wondered if a twin 47 would have purpose other than to carry more passengers. Certainly in high density seating on certain routes, it should find favor. (Remember that JAL specifically had 47-200 models that held over 600 passengers on commuter routes within Japan.) Plus freight carriers would be intrigued by the internal volume. Even if only used on the trans-Atlantic routes or transcontinental ones, they would be a welcome addition. I have a friend at SPEA with whom I've not spoken in a while. Perhaps I should ring them and ask what's new....CKH
all 47**??? clearly missed WV
I wonder why nobody metioned that they missed WV yet?? JOKE!! does nobody read before they post?
all ok! thank you
mark tufts 0
very impressive
zennermd 0
Looks like they have to do it again.
And with petrol prices and economic struggle across the globe, they do this why?
because they can......because they can
Mark Duell 0
They need to do long flights anyway for certification (cold soak, NAMS testing), may as well have some fun with it.
ETOPS Certification flight. You want your airplanes to be safe dont you. We test them for a reason
Marc Olson 0
Why would a 747 need to do Extended Twin engine OPerationS certification?

I understand that it was a test flight, but I highly doubt it was for ETOPS.
Ok .. I guess you know more than I do. I only work Boeing.
From Flight Global (Since I cannot link from internal)

ETOPS rules were updated in 2007 to include four-engine aircraft starting in 2015, though Boeing opted to include it in the Intercontinental's certification ahead of the requirement.

Boeing clarified the status of ETOPS certification for the 747-8I, saying that because it was not required by the initial FAA requirements it was not completed as part of the certification trials that wrapped up on October 31. Continued flying of the test fleet will include completion of the ETOPS validation on the 747-8I in the coming days, says Boeing.

Because of overlapping certification efforts, the -8F will also be certified under ETOPS rules. The freighter did not undergo ETOPS testing because its customers did not require it for its shorter missions.
Ricky Scott just owned you.
john smith 0
Interesting that freighters don't fly long trips. Really Ricky?
The 747-8I isn't a freighter. But the freighters can fly long trips, if the operators choose. A ferry flight across the globe for the next load would be a good example.
It went over MEM and I didn't even know about it.......
That's pretty cool! I would have loved to have been part of the crew on that flight! :)
Dubslow 0
Damn. According to the Google Earth file I dl'ed from FlightAware, it literally came within .98 miles of my house, laterally. Man, I wish I'd known, and I wish I wasn't in college yesterday.
They passed very near my hometown of Miamisburg, OH. I was going to see if the flight was above the horizon but suddenly course lines aren't rendering for me in IE8.
I would hate to be the one that had to readback that clearance!
"Cleared as filed, Roger Being 440." ;-)
fpatkelly 0
Yes, they misses WV and DC. And they were sooooo close... Why?
john smith 0
Ask Ricky who works at Boeing.
He'll probably say that certification and testing standards didn't require a flight over West Virginia pursuant to 2015 amendments which Boeing voluntarily complies with on a case by case basis.
Right Ricky?
JetMech24 0
Too busy trying to figure out how to deliver all these planes all over KPAE like the land of orphaned airplanes to make sure they actually hit all 48 states.
Missed WVA & D.C. - Didn't miss much ;)
Screw you
mikeNY 0
FL420, abv RVSM airspace, ... through 5 ARTCC's


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