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Garmin comes up in winding lawsuit tied to amateur plane

Homebuilder asks neighbor, a Garmin employee, to buy equipment with his employee discount. Neighbor buys equipment, helps owner complete the plane. Plane owner crashes plane, then sues neighbor and Garmin. What a nice guy! ( Altro...

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ruagatr 0
What an idiot...suing his buddy and jeopardizing his job because he doesn't take responsibility for his own actions. Ridiculous.
What an Ass
Money hungry idiot who would proablly back stab hi own mother to make a buck blaming others due to his own incompetence
Wow, don't most people know not to 'crap' where you eat? Guess
this guy didn't learn that one. Hope he end up getting counter-sued and loses
Garmin GPS is not design for aviation. I flew on commercial jet with my laptop GPS Atlas road a few years ago it is not very accurate that I noticed. GPS is not powerful right position for plane. It is for automotive only. I saw my GPS while driving the arrow already off course 200 feet off while I was on road. It's not seem right. Maybe pilot saw arrow and offset course then crashed. It's dumb!
dmanuel 0
Two things: First, Stuart I fly with the Garmin G-1000 with the GFC-700 autopilot (all very much certified for flight by ICAO & the FAA), backed-up with the Garmin 696 (aviation approved for non-IFR). Nowhere in the article does it imply it was an automotive unit in the accident aircraft. BTW, airlines generally frown on passengers using GPS units during any phase of flight.

Second, do you suppose the accident pilot and/or attorney are breeding, making more folks of their 'superior' intellect?
wilaby 0
dmanual is correct regarding his interpretation of Stuart's comment. Given Stuart's user ID I assume he has some aviation experience, but his comment would indicate not. Surely no pilot would attempt to use an automotive GPS for flight. Although Garmin offers "non-certified" aviation units (as well as portable aviation units) I have found both to be as accurate as my certified unit and certainly more than adequate for flight. Mine routinely brings me dead on in IFR approaches.
Nobody by rights should sue anybody for anything. We are born responsible whether we like it and accept it or not. We live in a world that doesn't hold ourselves to be accountable, so this fact would be pretty hard for most people to see, if not impossible.
Personal responsibility and accountability are two concepts that the legal profession would rather you didn't know about.
quote>" There is a condition worst than being blind. And that is the inability to LOOK"

Most lawyers and for sure the this guy doing the sueing fall in this catagorey. They see $$$$ and they do not care if one is right or wrong
nor who is responsible, or accountable> they just do it anyway and to me what Robert and Allen are saying is true, but the guys doing all this to me fall in another category "ETHICS" > they have nun in my opinion
Cae in point > how can you really sue someone when ethicly, you know that they are not wrong or at falut????? On ly in America my friends only in America were to them everything is possible, no mater how many inocent people are affected
correction for nun>lol< none
mooneym20f 0
The pilot didn't sue anyone, his insurance company sued Garman to bring in more parties so that the cash settlement pot would get bigger. Don't blame the pilot, it is his insurance company who is responsible for the decision to sue Garmin (and presumably his neighbor).
jhakunti 0
What a shitty neighbor. Your friend did you a favor. I hope he gets counter sued in addition to the 3 passengers suing his ass. It's his fault he couldn't handle a power off landing. He shouldn't even be a pilot.
Tim Smith 0
What about his passengers suing him? That's more ridiculous. They weren't forced into the airplane with him and they should have had prior knowledge of the plane being a homebuilt or experimental and therefore assumed greater risk. Looks like it's all the parties involved insurance companies doing the sueing.
eagle5719 0
Electrical overload on the ignition system? I can see an overload possible on the planes battery/alternator system which is not needed to run the engine, but how could you overload the magnetos that provide spark to the plugs if you tried to?
alistairm 0
... and then i will sue Richard for posting this story. Then i will sue everyone who commented on it - why the heck not! Then, i will sue Flightaware and anyone associated witht the website - might end up suing myself, which i could probably do since the whole litigation business in the US is utterly moronic. I will just sue everyone, it's the American way!
@tim, I know its ridiculous but think of a car accident. If you crash with pax in your vehicle, you're more then likely going to get sued for it
Jim Quinn 0
We, as a society, should perhaps have followed Shakespear's advice....


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