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ian mcdonell
Just plane ugly
Alan Brown
Yhat is one wicked paint job...... Great work!!!!!
Brian Wilkes
once again not the person photo!
He taken them all off the net!
Caleb Vindas
Sam Chui photo
Brian Wilkes
thats right, this guy should be band ASAP!
Tyler Emtage
Don't post pics that aren't yours!
Brian Wilkes
Try telling that to flightaware. They let this go on and on and DON'T do nothing about it. Everyone one of his pics you see in his profile is stollen from the net! And his not the first person to do this.
Tyler Emtage
Well I'd like to know how to provide proof that this is copyright so that it can be reported unless that has already been done.
Brian Wilkes
It's been done with proof that there not his. Flightaware are somewhat reluctant to react. This is against the law period in every country of the world.
Brian Wilkes - it has been my experience that FA only takes action when a copyright watermark is showing... or a watermark from another aviation photo hosting site. Otherwise, FA just ignores it all. Consequently, many "borrowed" (stolen) photos are cropped to edit such watermarks and copyright notations, usually found at the bottom of said photos, and then uploaded to FA's site by unscrupulous members.
Brian Wilkes
yeah Cliff thats what his been doing!


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