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Boeing 757-200 (90016)


President Trump departs a very wet DAL in Air Force One (C-32A).


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Lewis Tripp
Not AF One. Might be AF 2.
zfwaviationPhoto Uploader
Lewis, it is indeed Air Force One. The President of the United States was onboard.

"Air Force One is the official air traffic control call sign for a United States Air Force aircraft carrying the President of the United States."

Doesn't have to be the 747 (VC-25).
This is NOT a civilian aircraft, it is Air Force tail number 90016. If Trump was on board, then it was AF1
Charles Mills
Why is Trump flying around in a 757? I've seen several posts where he is on this smaller plane. Is this a cost cutting move over the 2 747s?
Stefan Sobol
If Trump was flying in a Cessna 150. It would be AF1 if he was onboard.
jim gevay
Probably most of the reason for using the 757 over the 747 is the size of the airport, meaning the length of the runway and it's load bearing capability.
Plus, Trump probably likes that this plane was delivered to the Air Force in 2011 and presumably has a more up to date interior than the 747s.
jim gevay
I'm sure they're all equally as nice as each other.
Just a point, but he has a B757 as his own business jet. He must feel comfortable in one.
NOT Air Force One, the real ONE was just in our city yesterday. This is Two.
I know that ANY US Air FORCE aircraft carrying POTUS is AIR FORCE 1--I didn't realize he was in Dallas--Know VP Pence uses this aircraft also and he was recently in Texas..
About 10 years ago, I toured one of the C-32s at Andrews AFB. Secret Service wouldn't let any photos so I don't recall the tail number of the aircraft I was on. It's actually very basic inside. Just behind the cockpit on the starboard side is a bank of radio / comm equipment -very military looking. On the port side is a stateroom for the VIP onboard. One flat screen on the wall. Next are rows of business class seats each with a phone. The last bunch of rows are normal coach seats for the press pool. Way better than Spirit Air but not many bells and whistles by far.
I would have got a tour of AF1 / VC-25 but W. was on it. We did get to see him land! Awesome.
Lewis and Peggy have no clue what they're talking about, as many others have pointed out. There is no specific aircraft with the name "Air Force One" and any USAF aircraft only uses that callsign when he is on board. The Marine helicopters the president travels in are only refereed to as "Marine One" is he is on board - outside of that, they're just really nice Marine helicopters that use a normal callsign when he's not flying in them.

Stefan: A Cessna 150 with the president in it would only be "Air Force One" if that Cessna was operated by the Air Force. ;)

Charles: It's not a cost-cutting measure... All presidents regularly use different size aircraft for travel - the public generally doesn't know it unless the media covers it. Obama and Michelle use to use a USAF Gulfstream (C-37) to make trips to NYC for dinner and a Broadway show. Jim hit the nail on the head with his comment about airport and runway size.

Mason: That has nothing to do with it. All of the 757's and both 747's are setup identically and have modern cabins regardless of when the aircraft was delivered.
The Photo Uploader is correct. If the POTUS is on board the call sign is AF-1. Doesn't matter the airframe.

When I was an ATC'er I did SAM 1 (Special Air Mission) once when the president was traveling incognito.
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