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— — - Sentry 01 trying to beat the stormy weather on it's way back to Tinker.
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Sentry 01 trying to beat the stormy weather on it's way back to Tinker.


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Alan Brown
Great photo! It looks like a painting!
ken kemper
Superb Photo....Love it.

Congrats on Best Pic of the Week
Great picture! Thanks!
Richard Ashley
Old photograph!.....The Air Force has not flown RC135's like that since the 90's.
Whether the guy took the photo or not it is at least 20 years old.
Those are old Pratt & Whitney or GE turbojets. All the RC135 were reengined in the mid 90's with GE and Rolls Royce Turbofans.
bob reeves
She might be old, but she still looks good
Hiram Ventura
I'm an old guy, but I'm a great guy
Richard Ashley...I can assure you that is not an RC-135. That really is an E-3 from Tinker. I should know...I'm a former E-3 crew member. This is by no stretch an old photograph.
wow !!!! a flying saucer landed on that plane
Mr. Ashley, I do believe you are mistaken. I concur with rwb1104, and having spent a lot of time on both Sentries and Cobra Ball, I can assure you, this is not an RC-135. Look closely at the engines, unless I am mistaken, those are fans hanging off the pylons.
Mark Hanneman
Nice shot!!!! What model E-3 is it?


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