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Lockheed F-35C


2019 Barksdale Defenders of Liberty Air & Space Show


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Great shot
a mentor
F-35 Lightning II (single engine is the tell)
Awesome shot! This looks more like an F-35A (USAF).
Great shot. Pardon my ignorance but no landing gear? doesn't look like a faux interior paint job because of the light coming between the open bay door on the port side and the fuselage.
David Seider
@Robert Oldershaw:
Yes, but it's stealth landing gear. That's why we can't see it. ;)
Seriously, though - If I'm understanding your question/statement... The landing gear is retracted. The open doors are showing off the weapons bays. The MLG doors can be seen just aft of the weapons bays, and just outboard of the aft edge of the bay.
This is a piece of work, beyond my imagination.
Love it!Thx.
a mentor
In January 2015, mock combat testing pitted the F-35 against an F-16, one of the fighters it is slated to replace. The F-35A was flown “clean” with empty weapon bays and without any drag-inducing and heavy externally mounted weapons or fuel tanks. The F-16D, a heavier and somewhat less capable training version of the mainstay F-16C, was further encumbered with two 370-gallon external wing-mounted fuel tanks.

In spite of its significant advantages, the F-35A’s test pilot noted that the F-35A was less maneuverable and markedly inferior to the F-16D in a visual-range dogfight.

Just doesn't live up to the hype, sigh.


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