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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress — - Barkdale AFB, Louisiana
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Boeing B-52 Stratofortress —


Barkdale AFB, Louisiana


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Michael Gower
Barksdale AFB
Lewis Tripp
and cattle.
Gary Doggett
Quite mooving!
Ol' smoky!
A look at the smoke tells you why the AF is planning on re-engining these old girls with new commercial engines.
serge loth
Just before dropping milk cans????? excellent picture !
AOC would have a metal down looking at this pic XD
Low flyby to make the cows move before going around to land?
Remember as a boy playing outside and heard a sound like the world was going to end. Only a low-level pass overhead. Both terrifying and inspiring. Was going to be a pilot! My eyes had other ideas.. Great picture and thanks for the memory!
Bob Haggard
My father was an officer at Bergstrom AFB. Back in the early 1960's watched 26 B-52 take off from Bergstrom AFB, Texas. Something I will never forget. Loud, Smoke and taking off one after another. Loaded and had to use the whole runaway to get up. Was also close to the runaway. I must have been 11 years old. Once in a lifetime day.
Paul Campagna
The smoke, the noise and death from above. Leave those engines alone! Bring back the old 707s and DC 8s.
Great pic - a little different from the usual venues we see! The cows fooled me, though...I was thinking this must be near one of the Midwestern bases.
Great - what a contrast between the B-52 and cows!
Will Sutton
This looks like it might be parallel to Hwy 71 and a little south of the houses that are close to the end of the runway at Barksdale. My great-grandfather owned some of the acreage that the city of Shreveport bought up and sold to the US government to build Barksdale.
ken kemper
Spectacular Photo

my favorite this week !!
Halim Baddour
Smokey cow over the milky cow
Neil Klapthor
I was stationed at Barksdale for 6 years as a B-52G Radar Navigator (bombardier) also at Wurtsmith AFB, Michigan. Had a real love/hate relationship with the BUFF...it was an awesome beast of an airplane but could also be cantankerous. Similar to all us old folks I guess. I remember the worst part of the training missions we flew was at the end. We'd fly 7-8-9 hour training missions then RTB and the pilots would do endless touch-and-goes (or crash-and-dash as we called them) around and around and around and........ Possibly what the BUFF in the photo was doing. Guess it's like a lot of things where you forget the "pain" and kind of miss it!
"Hey Bessie, did anybody tell these guys that flying low overhead DOES NOT cause us to deliver buttermilk right from the udders?"
Oh wow! That is one big fat hereford.
Irwin Zane
Surly Boeing can assist the AF with installing new and larger engines on an old airframe.
Must be a milk run
Karl Scribner
Used to love sitting on the beach at Uncle Dean’s cottage N of Oscoda watching the 52s and KC 135s run out over Lake Huron and turn base and final for Wurtsmith AFB back in the 1980s. So cool....
What a great pic.
The cattle barely note that noisy old thing.
wow! Wish I could see one flying over my house!!!
Alan Hume
War and Peace!


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