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LAKE LA-200 (N1079L)


Gillam Bay, Green Turtle Cay, Bahamas. March 18 2018


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ian mcdonell
You have to like a float plane photo in these surrounds - nicely done
serge LOTH
This picture gives me the taste to refound my seaplane....Extra Jon were you on a boat?
Nice a plane
Nice place to hang out.
Id Rocketeer
Nice shot. Makes me wish I was back on vacation in the Bahamas.

For my taste I think I'd have preferred a little slower shutter speed to pick up some blur in the prop and water, assuming you panned.
Stefan Sobol
Good thing he's close to the water with that dead engine.
I used to fly one of those!
I flew one in Utah and Arizona for years. God how I miss that!
I just realized that is my old airplane! I put in over 2,000 hours in that plane in Utah with Western Brine Shrimp International!

If the owner sees this message would you please contact me
*raging elephant in the room*

Is that REALLY your email address?
The other long-trunked loaded with peanuts question ... Do you REALLY THINK he will write to Gayinspandex (?) Dot Com! lol
Bob Hall of Kodiak Airways gave this a try in the 60's when they first came out. I flew in one and liked it. When landing in water, compared to a Goose, Wigeon or float plane it felt like my bottom was below the waterline. Sadly the Lake didn't make it in Kodiak, as it's rough water landing limit was only 6 inch waves or so and while that might happen in a lake environment, in the ocean almost never. Still a sweet aircraft.
Norman Barry
Very scary airplanes to be in. Also followers, this is not a "Floatplane", its an Amphibian.ncb
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
30/nov/2020 UnknownVicino Orlando, FLBartow Executive () First seen 08:00 EST 08:29 EST 0:29
29/nov/2020 UnknownPeter O Knight ()Vicino Orlando, FL 14:48 EST Last seen 15:51 EST 1:03
29/nov/2020 UnknownVicino Orlando, FLBartow Executive () First seen 11:15 EST 12:29 EST 1:14
27/nov/2020 UnknownVicino Orlando, FLVicino Orlando, FL First seen 15:24 EST Last seen 16:34 EST 1:09
23/nov/2020 UnknownVicino Winter Haven, FLVicino Orlando, FL First seen 12:52 EST Last seen 13:16 EST 0:23
23/nov/2020 UnknownBartow Executive ()Bartow Executive () 10:45 EST 11:30 EST (?) 0:44
23/nov/2020 UnknownBartow Executive ()Bartow Executive () 10:01 EST 10:24 EST (?) 0:23
23/nov/2020 UnknownVicino Orlando, FLBartow Executive () First seen 08:24 EST Last seen 08:48 EST 0:23
22/nov/2020 UnknownVicino Orlando, FLVicino Orlando, FL First seen 16:17 EST Last seen 16:54 EST 0:36
21/nov/2020 UnknownOrlando Executive ()Vicino Orlando, FL 15:17 EST Last seen 15:26 EST 0:08
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