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Scalaria 2013 Wolfgangsee, Austria


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Dang what an aeroplane. Built one out of balsa when I was 12 yrs old. Still love 'em~!
Lee Ensminger
I would give almost anything to fly one of these! Maybe someone can help with this: Why is the Catalina touching down on water with the wing floats retracted? Is this one a fire bomber and they're scooping from the lake?
I would say its not a fire-bomber. Don't they paint those bright yellows, oranges and reds?
I'm gonna sound stupid here but why do you think it's not a take-off???
john cook
Touch N Go ?
Lee Ensminger
Well, I don't know that it isn't a takeoff, but wouldn't the floats be in the down position for that, then retracted during climb-out? Certainly, at the speed indicated by the picture they would have some aileron authority, but it still seems early for them to be in the fully retracted position. What a beautiful airplane!
Maxi GruberPhoto Uploader
It was a Touch and Go!
Lee Ensminger
And there's the authoritative answer from the person who uploaded the photo. Thank you! And that is a beautiful photo of a beautiful airplane!
The Flying Porcupine !
I don't think you want to extend the floats until water speed is quite lower. Only one tip would touch the water at a time, may cause a bit of a pirouette!
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06/ago/2020 UnknownFowlmere ()Duxford () 15:27 BST 15:43 BST (?) 0:15
06/ago/2020 UnknownDuxford ()Duxford () 12:24 BST 12:26 BST (?) 0:01
05/ago/2020 UnknownDuxford ()Duxford () 16:21 BST 17:16 BST 0:55
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