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a mentor
She's a F4U-5 (seen on other views of N179PT), powered by Pratt and Whitney R-2800-32(E) and swung a 14', four bladed prop. Notice the tail hook.
Robert Day
Please post more pictures!
serge LOTH
A thought for Gregg Boyington!!5* for him and 5* for the picture!
Edmond Boutte
Love the Sound!
a mentor
I got to meet Boyington at the RAR years back -- a real crusty dude :)
jesse kyzer
Dan Brink
1 of the greatest WW2 war planes Fighter wise. Only 1 of my many favorites
Bart Steger
I think I'm in love.
Just when I get convinced that the Mustang was the best looking WWII fighter, you post this.
Great shot!!
Whistling death!
a mentor
btw: the WR tail code was assigned to VMF-312 as described here:

and VMF-312 here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/VMFA-312
Mike Padnom
Regarding this aircraft, the F4U, is it true that it was the English pilots who showed the American Navy how to land on an aircraft carrier?
a mentor
according to https://military.wikia.org/wiki/Vought_F4U_Corsair#Royal_Navy

"Royal Navy aviators found landing accidents less of a problem than they had been to U.S. Navy aviators due to the curved approach used. British units solved the landing visibility problem by approaching the carrier in a medium left-hand turn, which allowed the pilot to keep the carrier's deck in view over the dip in the port wing, allowing safe carrier operations, and would later be adopted by U.S. Navy and Marines fliers themselves as well for carrier use of the Corsair.[67]"
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