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Douglas DC-6 (OE-LDM)


In formation with OE-EAS (Chance Vought F4U-4 Corsair) and OE-FRB (Dassault-Breguet-Dornier Alpha Jet A) - The Flying Bulls


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ian mcdonell
Lovely picture.
Martin Allan
Now that's a plane form my era of travel! like these older birds, bit noisy inside but so elegant and stately. When I flew out from boarding school for my summer holidays in things like this passengers dressed up in their best suits etc for the occasion. All one class, no economy (cattle truck seats) and meals as standard. Mind you the flights took longer so meals were expected, but the quality was really good.
Just the sound from these guys flying overhead would kick start my heart! I concur with Martin on the golden era of flying as something special (at least how we remember it. Engine runups and mag checks before take-off were standard.
Joe Davis
How does Red Bull afford all of their costly toys. Is there that much profit in caffeine? I've never even seen anybody drink one. ever!
Radar TFFR
Nice !
Joe davis, millions of teens drink Red Bull. It's expensive and a huge profit maker for a drink with a few vitamins and a ton of caffeine.
Great photo BTW!
Andreas StöcklPhoto Uploader

Thanks for your comments. The DC6B once was the 'Air Force One' of Yugoslavia's Marshal Tito before it ended up somewhere in Africa.

Fatima Zahra El Asri
So nice
Jean-Pierre Côté
Superbe photo. Elle nous fait rêver.
John Maior
Nice formation :-)
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