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Cessna L-19 Bird Dog (N5194G)
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Cessna L-19 Bird Dog (N5194G)



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Haven Rich
It would only look better if it were towing a glider being used for a scenic flight!
Chris Croft
There are endless war stories involving the venerable Bird Dog. One of the most fascinating involves Maj. Bung-Ly, a South Vietnamese Air Force pilot who crammed his wife and five children into a Bird Dog on April 29, 1975, to escape the North Vietnamese takeover of South Vietnam. They took off from Con Son Island, skirted enemy ground fire, and headed into the Gulf of Thailand with the hope of finding a rescue ship rumored to be somewhere out there. After a long overwater flight and running low on fuel, Bung-Ly finally spotted USS Midway, its flight deck jam-packed with helicopters. He circled the ship a few times and then flew low over the deck to drop a note written on a chart. It pleaded for some helicopters to be moved so that there would be room for him to land. The Midway’s captain, L.C. Chambers, did not believe that the seven occupants of the Bird Dog could survive a ditching in the rough sea, so he ordered $10 million worth of Huey and Chinook helicopters scuttled overboard to allow Bung-Ly and his family a shot at landing on the rain-soaked, windswept flight deck. They landed safely. AOPA.org
@Chris Croft - great story, thanks for telling!
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Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
18/lug/2021 O1Central Jersey Rgnl ()Central Jersey Rgnl () 10:30 EDT 12:44 EDT 2:13
17/lug/2021 O1Vicino Linden, NJCentral Jersey Rgnl () First seen 13:07 EDT 15:00 EDT 1:53
17/lug/2021 O1Central Jersey Rgnl ()Central Jersey Rgnl () 10:03 EDT 12:25 EDT 2:21
10/lug/2021 O1Central Jersey Rgnl ()Central Jersey Rgnl () 13:13 EDT 15:58 EDT 2:45
10/lug/2021 O1Central Jersey Rgnl ()Central Jersey Rgnl () 09:42 EDT 12:33 EDT 2:51
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