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HB-RTA — - Air2Airbr /North American AT-6
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North American AT-6


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Gavin Hughes
Super photo.
murliFAPhoto Uploader
Thank you!
beautiful.... love the bright yeller....
jesse kyzer
1941 North American AT-6 Harvard II
GREAT looking A/C, NICE pic!
SUPER THANK YOU! to everyone who helps keep these Ol’ birds flying
Keep em’ flying. Just beautiful.
John Rumble
Take a flight in one if you get a chance Went up years ago at St Augustine Fl
Worth every penny
Great shot!
Seems to me the Navy's were yellow and the Air Force's were silver.
Yeah, Dennis, if this is a 1941 'Harvard' it likely never served in USA forces with that livery. Post-production was likely unpainted 'silver'. If it served USArmy Air Corps it was likely brown. For Lend-Lease delivery to England was likely Tan. It would seem likely it has had several coats since then and few if any had a historical accuracy requirement. Kinda looks good though.
Based in Grenchen (LSZG) in Switzerland.
Must have made a wrong turn a few years ago.
Fred Kovach
@DennisStockton and @Skylab72
Correct, the Navy's SNJ was yellow and black. The USAF museum at Wright-Patterson AFB has a Korean War exhibit and the livery is silver. The Tail Number series seems to belong to the squadrons based in Korea that my father served in.
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