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Airbus A340-500 (TC-CAN)
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Airbus A340-500 (TC-CAN)



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Mark Hanneman
Interesting photograph, which caused me to research the Turkish Government aircraft fleet. I was surprised to find, among other aircraft, they operate a B74-8! According to Wiki: The government of Turkey has a VIP fleet which is maintained by Turkish Airlines for and on behalf of the President of the Republic. The fleet consists of two Airbus A319CJs, a highly modified and armed (with air defense missiles)[citation needed][dubious – discuss] Airbus A330-200 Prestige, an Airbus A340-500 High Gross Weight registered TC-CAN (can means life in Turkish) bought from the Tunisian Government after President Ben Ali (who originally ordered the plane to replace the Boeing BBJ) was ousted, and a highly modified and armed Boeing 747-8 which was formerly owned by the royal family of Qatar.[100][101] The fleet additionally contains two Gulfstream G550s, two Gulfstream GIVs and two Cessna Citation Vs. When the President of the Turkish Republic is on board any aircraft, the call-sign is "Turkish Republic One". The Turkish President also has several Airbus Military A-400Ms which are used to transport the Presidential limousines and Turkish Secret Service Counter Attack Teams. Some A-400Ms can also provide aerial refueling for the Presidential fleet.[citation needed][dubious – discuss]
Ed Becker
Interesting info on the fleet. And always nice to see an A340-500.


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