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— — - Bell 47 South Korea 1954.
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Bell 47 South Korea 1954.


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When I was a kid my uncle had one of these that was fitted for crop dusting. When you're 7 years old and you get a chance to fly in one you never forget it.
Diana Rose
Excellent Film Shot!
Tomer Ariav
Reminds me of M.A.S.H.
Klingers cab Home?
John Hoag
Great photo! Helipad standards have moved up in the intervening years...
@Tomer Ariav, definitely looks like a shot right out of M.A.S.H.
Love it. Credit to Hockeye, he took the picture.
Gary Eldridge
Does the right hand skid extend farther out than the left or is this just an illusion from the angle this was shot?
Holy cow!
I was in the army 16 years after this pic was shot and the uniform hadn't changed except for the ball cap. And, we were eating c-rations (pardon me "Field Ration Type C") dated from 1953.
I can remember laying awake at night thinking roman infantrymen must have felt the same as me - alone, scared, waiting to get out, except, I have learned that their lives in the roman army were likely better than as a civilians - at least they had a fairly stable daily ration. Anyway, some things never change, just the outward appearances.
I can hear the theme song from Mash playing in the background . . .
What a great classic. 'Whirlybirds' was one of my favorite Friday night TV shows. Late '50s as I recall.

Young Lieutenant sure is proud of his bird. X Corps patch, red boot laces and all. Bet seeing those red laces had the Sergeant Major squirming.
Robert Sloane
going through A&P school in early 80s . i learned much about engines and rotors on these 47s
cool bird
Looks like a H-13 E model to a guy who flew over 2,000 hours in them. 47 was a Bell design number
H-13E indeed! I might have guessed F but I only saw them in school. Loved that rotor-head though! Simple, easy to maintain, aerodynamically effective, and then there is the distinct sound. When the history of helicopters is told the R-5 Hoverfly and this Bell bubble need to be the first two pictures. Please do not forget this is also the father of the UH-1 Huey...
My ride all over III & IV Corps in Viet Nam.


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