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Grumman C-2 Greyhound (88-1208)


I took this picture on Sep 23, 2018.
JSDF Kawasaki C-2=KC2
88-1208 008


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Tyler Emtage
Nice...Very good timing!
Yoshihiro OshitaPhoto Uploader
This was a "military / people" dream competition.
Paul Wisgerhof
No, no, no. The Grumman C-2 Greyhound was a twin engine turboprop carrier on-board delivery cargo plane. This is a Kawasaki cargo jet for the Japanese Self-Defense Force.
Yoshihiro Oshita - If you enter KC2 as your type designation for "Aircraft Type" in "Photo Tags", FA should show the correct information rather than the current "Grumman C-2 Greyhound" as displayed... :-)

Thanks for sharing this superb photo with us!!!
Paul Wisgerhof - The photo uploader knows what the aircraft type is as he entered such in his photo commentary... but the C2 code has FA confused. See my previous comment regarding using KC2 as the aircraft type code!
Yoshihiro OshitaPhoto Uploader
Paul Wisgerhof Thank you for pointing out. However, this type 88-1208 is Kawasaki's formal name is C-2. It was written as Grumman C - 2 Greyhound by setting the model type to C - 2 when posting a photo.
Yoshihiro OshitaPhoto Uploader
cliff731 Thank you for pointing out. I tried entering the code KC 2, but KC 2 seems to be incorrect. What is the correct code ....
Yoshihiro OshitaPhoto Uploader
jobeard Hello. By the way, do you know the code of Kawasaki C - 2?
Yoshihiro Oshita - KC2 is the ICAO code for the Kawasaki C-2. Flight Aware uses the ICAO aircraft codes as designated by the International Civil Aviation Organization to identify distinct aircraft types. It is entered without any spacing between the characters.

It is possible that Flight Aware has not entered the KC2 code yet into their database.

Here is a website link to these ICAO aircraft codes -
Yoshihiro OshitaPhoto Uploader
cliff731 Thank you for telling me the precious page. I will use page registration and utilize immediately. Let's wait for the day flightaware will synchronize the data.
Yoshihiro Oshita - You are very welcome!
serge LOTH
Leon Kay
Thank you for sharing a great photo.
Where's the tailhook?
Warning - you're going to get about 58 IDIOTS out there thinking they are brilliant while telling you this isn't a C2 Greyhound as they don't have any idea or won't bother to know that this is the fault of Flightaware's data, not yours.
Yoshihiro OshitaPhoto Uploader
serge LOTH Hello. This plane is not a Grumman but a Kawasaki C - 2 transportation aircraft belonging to the Air Self Defense Force.
Yoshihiro OshitaPhoto Uploader
Leon Kay Hello. Thank you for seeing the picture here.
Yoshihiro OshitaPhoto Uploader
Danadmiral Hello. Because this plane is not a shipboard machine, we do not wear a tail hook. It is a land transportation machine called Kawasaki C-2.
serge LOTH
Tks Yoshihiro!
Yoshihiro OshitaPhoto Uploader
serge LOTH Bonjour. Tks ...? Quoi Quoi
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