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BOEING 747SP (VP-BLK) - Two Private 747SP's
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Two Private 747SP's


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Nice shot!! I wish I had a private 747! Jeez!!
very cool!
A great photo at Auckland
well done
agatino pinto
Great pic of two B747-SPs...... I hope they keep them flying for a long time, nice pieces of engineering!
robert robert
the one in the back is not a sp it is a -300 or -400 or heck even a -200
robert robert
taking a 2nd look at the photo I am not sure ,
still a nice photo
The one in back IS an SP. I was in Vegas two weeks ago and saw them on the ramp not far from the "Janet" hangar.
Looks like the Sands Corp jets that are usually at KLAS.
It's not a 200,It's a SP...
Michael McCookPhoto Uploader
Hi All, thanks for the comments. They are both SP's operated by Sands out of Las Vegas.
Matt Winhall
Absolutely took my breath away! I'm speechless!
Love those SPs
I'd be happy with one!
hank jackson
Owned by Sheldon Adelson who owns Sands Casino corp. Did an overhaul on his 767-300 about ten years ago at AA's AFW hanger in Fort Worth...


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