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North American P-51 Mustang (N151AM)


If someone could figure out the registration tail number. I tried looking up the numbers on Flightaware and it didn't give me any info.


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NL151AM, under tail stab. Nice shot!
jim gevay
Easy, go to a reputable site instead of FA.
Can't find the N number, look it up by the serial number, in this case it's 44-73420.

RJ TothPhoto Uploader
Awesome! Thanks guys!
jesse kyzer
NL151AM (1944?: P-51D-25-NA c/n 122-39879 USAAF 47? OR 44?3420 (usually, first 2 digt of s/n is mf yr
served with 190th FS Boise ID and with several ANG units)
September 2010 "Miss Torque"
Joe Baugher's information has a "scant" mention of this P-51 Mustang... USAAF s/n 44-73420...:-)

As Jim Gevay suggested... search for this Mustang as "N151AM"... or via the original USAAF assigned s/n.


a mentor
try looking here:
and search for '73420'


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