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Boeing 747-400 (PH-BFT)



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Gavin Hughes
Great shot!
Awesome~...sorry to see these go away....sad indeed
Dwight Hartje
Fairwell, KLM 747! You will be missed and remembered in our hearts forever.
beautiful photo off a Legend they will be missed by all
Outstanding image!
Ton Pfeiffer
The Queen of the skies, goodbye
Boeing 747s, and, especially the 747-SP, are my most favorite commercial aircraft!
The only rub for me is the extreme range performance of the more modern commercial aircraft.
Like to sit around and imagine just what commercial aircraft will perform and look like in the future.
Probably they'll just perform better.
One way to actually get them to perform better is to make them literally flying wings without any fuselage.
The other way is grossly top secret; and, for more than 100 years, some scientists have tried and died trying to expose it.
Twin engines are here to stay, but, fossil fuel type propulsion is not.
Fuselage type transports possibly will not be.
And, we'll keep destroying our biosphere using toxic-to-everything, fossil fuel based energy sources for propulsion, etc.
Truly, The Queen of the skies. Forever in our hearts
Truly The Queen Of The Skies. Forever in our hearts
Beautiful shot !
Just a question from a 'little airplane' guy: In reverse, before NLG down?
Jeroen StroesPhoto Uploader
@adelma. A/c is already landed here.. when main landing gear is on the runway, the crew will activate the reversers.
Amir Begloei
I’m with you a 100% Rob...No aircraft will ever take the place of 747 for me, especially the the 747 SP. Although I’m sure the future jumbo jets will inherently be more efficient and environmentally friendly, non will take the place of the 747 in my heart <3
Desideri una ricerca completa dello storico di PH-BFT dal 1998? Acquista adesso. Lo riceverai entro un'ora
Data Aeromobile Origine Destinazione Partenza Arrivo Durata
20/ott/2020 B744Shanghai-Pudong ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 13:06 CST 18:41 CEST 11:34
19/ott/2020 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Vicino Shanghai 17:28 CEST Last seen 09:15 CST (+1) 9:47
18/ott/2020 B744Shanghai-Pudong ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 16:29 CST 21:26 CEST 10:57
17/ott/2020 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Shanghai-Pudong () 21:57 CEST 14:00 CST (+1) 10:02
17/ott/2020 B744Shanghai-Pudong ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 12:41 CST 17:57 CEST 11:15
16/ott/2020 B744Vicino AmsterdamShanghai-Pudong () First seen 18:07 CEST Last seen 10:13 CST (+1) 10:05
15/ott/2020 B744Shanghai-Pudong ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 15:43 CST 20:42 CEST 10:58
14/ott/2020 B744Vicino AmsterdamShanghai-Pudong () First seen 17:58 CEST Last seen 09:50 CST (+1) 9:51
13/ott/2020 B744Shanghai-Pudong ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 12:18 CST 17:36 CEST 11:17
12/ott/2020 B744Amsterdam-Schiphol ()Shanghai-Pudong () 17:26 CEST 09:16 CST (+1) (?) 9:50
11/ott/2020 B744Shanghai-Pudong ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 12:30 CST 17:34 CEST 11:03
10/ott/2020 B744Vicino AmsterdamShanghai-Pudong () First seen 17:55 CEST Last seen 09:41 CST (+1) 9:46
09/ott/2020 B744Shanghai-Pudong ()Amsterdam-Schiphol () 12:41 CST 17:50 CEST 11:08
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