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De Havilland Dragon Rapide (VH-BGP) - DE HAVILLAND DOMINIE DH-89B - REG : VH-BGP (CN 6648) - KYABRAM AIRPORT VIC. AUSTRALIA - YKYB 18/4/1992
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De Havilland Dragon Rapide (VH-BGP)




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Diana Rose
Great Retro Design: A 1930s short-haul biplane airliner developed and ... D.H.89B Dominie Mk I: Radio and navigation training version. (Google)
Edward Hopgood
We had these aircraft in NZ working in the southern region of the Sth Island with NAC [national airways corp] until late 1970 A great work horse.
DAN TANNERPhoto Uploader
Many thanks everyone and please stay safe. Best Regards Danny
Steve Jordan
These were used by the Flying Doctor (RFDS) in Australia, an aerial medical retrieval service. They could probably get in and out of anywhere. Maybe this plane is ex-RFDS.
Gavin Hughes
Great pic. Got a few decent shots of VH-AQU on the ground (Parafield and Adelaide) but only ever got one in the air over Glenelg at a Birdman Rally but oh dear, such a crappy shot and not worth keeping.
Colin Seftel
Edward, Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII), owned a single Dragon Rapide (G-ADDD), which he frequently used for carrying out his royal duties. He flew this aircraft to London on his accession as king in 1936, making him the first British monarch to fly. (Source: Wikipedia)
frank theriault
Ken Fedder
And a fabric skin no less. Had never seen it before today. Thanks for the shot.
Art Kelly
Interesting wing design...
John Yarno
That is a great shot, definitionally a 5
Mark Hanneman
Fixed or semi-retractable landing gear?
David Seider
It's a very small lot to pick from, but IMHO the Dragon Rapide and its kin are the
most elegant cabin pax biplanes to ever grace the skies.

Mark Hanneman - fixed gear. The mains didn't go anywhere except in circles. ;)
Alan Hume
No sound deadening material on that! I wonder if they handed out earplugs to the pax?
Mario Kropf
My first flight ever. August 1949 as a six year old on a Dragon Rapide in Swissair livery from Dübendorf aerodrome in Switzerland.
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