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Lockheed C-130 Hercules — - C-130 Fuerza Aerea de Chile Grupo N°10.
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Lockheed C-130 Hercules —


C-130 Fuerza Aerea de Chile Grupo N°10.


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Spectacular Herky Bird shot!
Gavin Hughes
Super photo.
ian mcdonell
Typical Herc doing turbulence - great photo
Paul Wisgerhof
Great shot. That is truly a "greenhouse."
ken kemper
Awesome Image / Not your typical Flightaware Photo

well done Rodrigo !!
Michael Rogers
this is the best yet!
Daniel Leach
Excellent shot! Thanks for sharing!
Great picture!
robert anderson
yes! really mice shot!
Sunil George
"Bluehouse" I wish I could see the clouds from there.
Mike Curtis
Nice picture, taken at the right angle, showing a good clear view of the cockpit and the outside view.
Very good.Mike
George Bures
Talk about an office with a view!
jordan keck
Gracias a los Chilenos! Rodrigo, que foto! fantastica!
C-130 Herc is such a badass aircraft. This one seems to be the “H”
serge LOTH
I wish I could fly this plane once!!! 5*
Outstanding picture!! And yes, wear your mask!!
Roberto Zamora
An American pride, one of the Best.
Love that they are all wearing masks!
Kenneth Scott
Great shot. Awesome plane. Brings back great memories.
jim garrity
Cal-Fire just got two C-130's, But not in service yet? This is our most dangerous time of the year!(Were year-round fire danger in Ca.)!! Be safe everyone.
Jason Belanger
Wow, I feel like in the cockpit also! Nice pic.
Greg Weir
Great photo Rodrigo, thanks for sharing


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